Gymnasts Take a Stand Against Sexualization in the Sport With Full Bodysuits

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A group of professional gymnasts have taken a bold stand against sexualization in the sport by wearing full bodysuits instead of traditional leotards…

And they’ve been widely praised for standing against such a serious issue that’s sadly plagued the sport for quite some time.

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Here’s the full story…

Now, there’s no denying that gymnastics is a truly impressive sport…

And it demonstrates some seriously impressive physical and mental strength.

But sadly, the sport has been riddled with scandal and abuse allegations for decades…

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Especially among young, female gymnasts.

The USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal was perhaps one of the most prolific crimes within the sport.

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Between 1990 and 2017, more than 368 female athletes alleged that they were sexually assaulted “by gym owners, coaches, and staff working for gymnastics programs across the country.”

Particularly, longtime USA Gymnastics national team doctor Larry Nassar was named in hundreds of lawsuits filed by athletes who said that he engaged in sexual abuse for at least fourteen years under the pretense of providing medical treatment.

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Although Nassar – who was a doctor of osteopathic medicine – claimed he was innocent, on November 22nd in 2017, he pleaded guilty to ten counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with ten victims in 2 Michigan counties.

By pleading guilty to the charges, Nasser admitted that as a doctor he was in a position of authority over his victims…

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And that he used that position to coerce them to submit to the horrific abuse he made them endure.
All of the victims in the Michigan cases were under the age of sixteen and 3 were younger than thirteen.

This shocking abuse was covered up for decades…

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And although awareness of the issue is now larger than ever, female gymnasts sadly continue to be sexualized and threatened.​

Well, a group of German gymnasts have decided enough is enough…

And they’ve decided to swap the traditional leotards for full bodysuits.

People are totally here for the uniform change…

Gymnast Sarah Voss made the move at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships at in Basel, Switzerland, this week.

Defying convention, Voss opted to wear a full bodysuit, an outfit seldom seen by female competitors in the sport who are usually instructed to wear half or long-sleeved leotards.

Taking to Instagram, Voss wrote:

“I am immensely proud that I was the first to present this heart project to our team! Feel good and still look elegant, why not? How do you like it?”

Following her example, 2 of Voss’s teammates also wore bodysuits during the women’s all-around final on Friday, April 23rd.

Speaking about her decision with public broadcaster ZDF, Voss explained:
“We women all want to feel good in our skin. In the sport of gymnastics, it gets harder and harder as you grow out of your child’s body. As a little girl, I didn’t see the tight gym outfits as such a big deal. But when puberty began, when my period came, I began feeling increasingly uncomfortable.”

The German federation (DTB) has stated that the gymnasts were taking a stand against “sexualization in gymnastics”…

Adding that female athletes should be able to comfortable in what they wear at all times.

We 100 percent support this decision!

A woman should be allowed to wear whatever she feels comfortable in because at the end of the day, a person’s comfort and well-being is the most important thing.