Hailey Bieber’s Secret To Textured Beach Waves Is Available on Amazon

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Our hair often does what it wants to do, whether we want it to or not. When we want to wear it straight, it curls, and it never seems to curl properly when we need it to. It always seems to outsmart us!

Even Hailey Bieber has hair problems! However, she has recently revealed her process and go-to products to get her shiny golden waves.

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Hailey recently uploaded a YouTube video demonstrating how she does her hair for a night out…

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She explained that her hair becomes super slick after a shower, noting, “I have to sometimes add more of like a texture spray or a hairspray as I’m doing my hair so that it has a little bit more of like a grip.”

Well, luckily for us, she uses the IGK Beach Club Spray, which is on Amazon right now!

“So what the texturing spray does, is it, to me, give it a little bit of thickness and it mattifies the hair a little bit,” she said.
“I have really, like, sleek, silky hair, and when you’re trying to do anything with an iron, I feel like sometimes it kind of just like slides out, so this helps with that.”

While most beach wave sprays tend to put salt in their formula, Beach Club is salt-free which means it shouldn’t dry out your hair.

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You can even apply it straight to dry hair which is a godsend! This spray will leave your hair feeling healthy and shiny.
If it’s good enough for Hailey, it’s good enough for us, right?!