Hair Colorist Creates Looks Inspired by Nature | 22 Words

Nowadays, it seems there are no limits as to what can be done with hair. It seems every color and tone is available for our enjoyment, with non-natural shades like lilac, silver, or pastel pink all having had recent moments.

But the latest hair trend we've spotted on Instagram? Well, they're something else. Talented hair colorist, Ursula Goff, takes her inspiration from the most beautiful color palettes in nature. And the results? Well, they're simply stunning.

Keep scrolling for some serious hair envy.

20. Soft rainbows

This look combines a huge range of different pastel shades - and must have taken a lot of intricate application to achieve so much dimension.

19. Sunflowers

This clever take on the classic ombre manages to combine natural shades of blonde and red, but elevates the look with brighter yellow and orange tones.

18. The horsehead nebula

These different shades of pinks and purples perfectly capture this outer space phenomenon.

17. Abalone shells

The multifaceted look of these pearlescent shells have long inspired artists - and they make perfect hair-spiration, too.

16. Purple Fluorite

Taking inspiration from gemstones allows Goff to create beautiful slight variations in tone - and this blue look is truly stunning.

15. Constellations

At first glance, this look could be mistaken for just a black dye-job - but the subtle blue highlights take it to the next level.

14. The Hubble Telescope

Space seems to be a constant source of information for Goff - and it leads to some truly magnificent hair creations.

13. The Aurora Borealis

This look of mystical beams of colours floating on an inky black background is truly out of this world.

12. Laboradite

Another gemstone inspired look that cleverly plays with light and dark, giving a real illusion of depth.

11. Arizona hot springs

This aerial shot captures colors ranging from deep blue to brunt orange - and Goff manages to blend them all together perfectly.

10. Fire

This charred wood doesn't just have beautiful reds and oranges, but also has deeper, gray-blues - which makes this look very interesting.

9. Rose petals

This is a less intricate dye-job - but no less well-executed that some of the more multicolored designs. Just check out that seamless fade.

8. Ombre petals

Not all flowers are so monotone, though, as this peony proves. These different shades of green, blue, and purple blend perfectly.

7. Pastel petals

If you're keen for a nature-inspired dye but don't fancy going for something quite so eye-catching, this peachy-blonde look may be perfect.

6. Crystals

This blonde look with highlights of blue, pink, green, and orange gives the illusion of a sort of holographic reflect.

5. Black opals

This look is more of an abstract take on the inspiration photo - but if no less pretty for it!

4. A golden pheasant

This look utilizes the model's natural hair shade but manages to incorporate a ton of bright, primary shades concealed underneath.

3. Vincent van Gough

It's not just real-life nature which inspired Goff. She also uses some famous artistic interpretations to build gorgeous hair looks around.

2. Claude Monet

Here Goff uses an impressionistic take on a floral field to create an undeniably painterly vibe.

1. Georgia O'Keefe

Rather than using the color palette as hair inspiration, here Goff recreated a detailed drawing on the hair using dyes. Feeling inspired to switch up your hair? Keep scrolling for yet more hot looks.