Hairdresser Creates Barrier Between Clients Using an Umbrella

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We’ve just about reached that point in quarantine, which we would never let happen under normal circumstances, our roots have grown out, eyelashes getting thinner by the day, and that once poppin’ french manicure is past the point of no return.

But what we don’t take into account is that the small businesses we cherish are the ones struggling the most!

One hairdresser has gone above and beyond for her clients, creating the most unique way of cutting hair while keeping her distance.

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Whether that’s scraping out the last drop of purple shampoo to hide the brassy mess that’s taken over your head… speaking from experience. Or digging out that old box dye you bought when you ‘just wanted a change.’ Don’t do it.

And when I say people, I mean the sock puppets you made on day 3 of quarantine, to stop yourself from going mad… just me?

No hairdressers, nail salons, beauty parlors, and it’s making the world seem like a pretty sad place right now.

Finding new and cheaper ways of indulging in a bit of self-care is never a bad thing. Here are some of the best self-isolation ideas to keep yourself happy, which automatically makes you look a million dollars. It’s science. But if you’re just after that video, keep scrolling to the end.

You’re not alone in feeling anxious about the current global situation, in fact, It’d be more worrying if you weren’t. It’s a completely natural response, which is why taking time to relax is so important.

Lizzo has even conducted her own guided meditation session which you can tune into on Instagram! Apps are another great way to access guided meditations. Headspace and Calm are two of the best.

Arguably the most important thing to help with stress and low mood is regular exercise. As much as we all like to sit binging box sets, it’s so important to get moving. Even if it means turning Spotify up to the max and dancing your way through your favourite playlist.

Whether you’re a fan of facemasks, or want to try your hand at a DIY mani, or even just want to treat your hair to a good nourishment treatment, there’s no better time to perfect your at-home beauty regime.

This is so important. The sleep expert Dr. Carmel Harringtoon says: “Sleep plays a fundamental role in keeping us well because, during sleep (when we don’t require all our energy to go into the functions of wakefulness), our immune system fires up and our natural killer cells start killing off any foreign viruses or bacteria as well as mutated cells – allowing us to fight disease both in the short and long term.”  

While it’s just as important to mix things up and keep your day interesting. If you’re struggling with quarantine living, it always helps to write yourself a to-do list, even if it’s just to get out of bed or get dressed, to give yourself some kind of structure.

All over the world, they have had to adapt to unprecedented barriers that have come into play as a result of the outbreak.

Morrisons has installed protective screens at its checkouts to protect staff and customers amid the virus.

Morrisons chief executive David Potts said: “We want to do our bit to help customers and colleagues from being affected and to help everyone observe social distancing at our checkouts. This will help us to continue to play our full part in feeding the nation – it’s more than our job.”

Some non-essential places still remain open, even though advice from government officials advises them to shut temporarily to protect the public.

One salon in the Netherlands has come up with their own way of dealing with these barriers by creating a barrier of their own.

In a bid to stop the spread of Coronavirus. But obviously this can’t be followed when you’re cutting someone’s hair.

A stylist at Bella Rosa salon in Oss created a makeshift barrier between her and her clients, to allow her to carry on cutting hair.

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It was clearly ridiculous, but her innovative precautionary measures soon went viral on Facebook, receiving more than 82,000 shares!

One person said: “You have an invention for everything, right. Super woman.” While another less enthusiastic comment read: “Bunch of lunatics.” You can’t please everyone.

While it is pretty impressive, people really need to start taking self-isolation seriously. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones. If you’re after some heartwarming content, keep scrolling to see what one grocery worker did to help out an elderly man in lockdown…