Hairdresser Shares Video of Teen With ‘More Lice Than Strands of Hair’

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A hairdresser has shared a video of a teenager’s hair that has “more lice than strands of hair.”

Rachel Maroun, who works as a head lice technician, was recently visited by a thirteen-year-old girl who needed helping getting rid of her head lice…

But the problem was much more extreme than you could have ever imagined.

In a video posted to her TikTok, @trashywashyy, Maroun explained that she has a “massive treatment” to do today.

Showing a clip of thousands of eggs in the girl’s hair, Maroun said: “So my first thought when a client comes in like this is, ‘Oh my god. This is a whole dang lot.'”

She then questions if she should shave the hair as sometimes that it’s the only option however, she didn’t want to “do that to a thirteen-year-old girl with long hair.”

Showing the lice roaming around the girl’s hair, she added: “As you can see these lice are just having an absolute rave in her hair, they have just completely taken control. I think there were more lice than strands of hair on her head.”

The video, which has been viewed more than seventy-four million times, then shows Maroun starting treatment and beginning to remove the lice from the girls hair.

Maroun can be seen combing through the hair to remove “massive wads” of lice which then she kills. While doing that, the girl, who is covered in the lice, sits calmly and plays on her phone.

The treatment took 8 hours in total.

The video received thousands of comments that were not only horrified by the amount of lice, but also concerned about the girl suffering neglect.

However, Maroun clarified that the girl was not neglected.

The Daily Mail reports that the girl had special needs and “wasn’t able to communicate that she had lice until much later.”

Is anyone else itching now?