Hallmark's Christmas Movie Lineup Just Dropped and We're Already Feeling Merry | 22 Words

We've waved goodbye to summer (kind of), and now there's one thing on our minds... Christmas.

It may not quite be time to wack out the decorations, but we can definitely justify a Christmas movie here and there. And if you're counting the days until you put up your Christmas tree, have no fear as Hallmark has finally released its highly anticipated "Countdown to Christmas" 2020 movie schedule, and they appear to have gone all out.

So prepare to sit back, relax, and take in all the holiday goodness as we reveal what's in store in the lead up to Christmas.


Saturday, October 24 Jingle Bell Bride

"When Jessica travels to a remote town in Alaska to track down a rare flower for her wedding client, she becomes smitten with the small town charm and one of its locals."

Sunday, October 25 Chateau Christmas

"A world-class pianist returns home for some much-needed R&R, but an old ex uses this time to remind her of the ambitious girl she once was."

Saturday, October 31 Christmas with the Darlings

"Right before she moves on from her assistant title, Jessica helps her boss one last time by caring for his younger brother's orphaned nieces and nephews. In due time, she learns the complications that arise from mixing business with pleasure."

Sunday, November 1 One Royal Holiday

"Anna rescues a mother and son during a blizzard, only to learn that they are actually royalty — part of the Royal Family of Galwick, to be exact. She takes this opportunity to show the young prince how to celebrate Christmas the non-royal way."

Saturday, November 7 Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

"Maggie is gearing up for another Christmas on her own ... until an unexpected houseguest shows up at her doorstep. She makes the most out of the situation, and even finds comfort in having someone to celebrate with."

Sunday, November 8 On the 12th Date of Christmas

"Two game designers use everything that the holidays bring — festive cheer, mistletoe moments, and more — to dream up a scavenger hunt throughout the city."

Saturday, November 14 Christmas in Vienna

"While in Vienna for a violin concert, Jess rediscovers what made her fall in love with music in the first place, all thanks to a new flame."

Sunday, November 15 A Timeless Christmas

"Charles travels from 1903 to 2020 to experience a futuristic Christmas, with the help of his charming tour guide."

Saturday, November 21 A Nashville Christmas Carol

"Just as Vivienne is about to accept a new job across the country, she's reminded that leaving everything she built isn't necessarily the best way to move forward. The Spirit of Christmas Past and the Spirit of Christmas Present show her just that."

Sunday, November 22 The Christmas House

"Phylis and Bill hope that having their two sons at home over the holidays will help them find a way to grow stronger as a family. While there, both sons reveal that they are also struggling with problems of their own."

Tuesday, November 24 A Christmas Tree Grows in Brooklyn

"Firefighter Kevin is the only thing standing in Erin's way of planning the best Christmas celebration ever. That means, it's up to her to win him over to get a celebration-worthy spruce tree from his property."

Wednesday, November 25 A Bright and Merry Christmas

"When two TV hosts are forced to cozy up to the competition over the holidays, they learn that they have more in common than they thought."

Thursday, November 26 Five Star Christmas

"Lisa is determined to secure a five-star rating for her dad's bed & breakfast. But when she meets a mysterious B&B guest, she's shocked to learn he's the travel critic behind the review."

Friday, November 27 Christmas by Starlight

"The days for The Starlight Café are numbered. That is, until Annie meets Williams, who works for the development firm looking to demolish the restaurant. He proposes an out-of-the-box idea that forces Annie to consider how low she's willing to go to save her family's business."

Saturday, November 28 Christmas Waltz

"Avery turns to her dance instructor for guidance after the wedding of her dreams is unexpected cancelled."

Sunday, November 29 If I Only Had Christmas

"A bright and cheery publicist works with a scrooge-like business owner and his team of The Wizards of Oz-inspired characters to help a good cause."

Saturday, December 5 Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing

"Since Michelle has plenty of wedding planning her plate, she leans on Hannah to wrap up the launch of the new Evergreen museum. All the while, she begins to question her own future — and if Elliot is really Mr.Right."

Sunday, December 6 Christmas She Wrote

"Kayleigh is heartbroken to learn that her romance column is canceled right before the holidays. While home with her family, the person who canceled her column shows up at her door to tie up loose ends."

Saturday, December 12 Cross Country Christmas

"Lina and Max face the unexpected when a storm hits, potentially ruining their holiday plans. The two of them are forced to work together to figure out a way home — without taking it out on each other."

Sunday, December 13 Christmas Comes Twice

"By the looks of it, Emily has it all: She's a well-respected newscaster, and loved by many. But in her eyes, she lost the thing that matters most — her first true love. A ride on the carousel at the town's Christmas carnival brings her back in time, giving her a second chance at the love and life she deserves."

Saturday, December 19 Christmas Carousel

"Lila (Boston) partners up with the Prince of Marcadia to repair the Royal Family's carousel by Christmas."

Sunday, December 20 Love, Lights, and Hanukkah!

"In the height of the holiday craziness, Christina gets back a DNA test and learns that she's actually Jewish. This leads her down a path of self-discovery, even finding romance along the way."

Saturday, October 24 Christmas Tree Lane

"Meg is eager to save the Christmas Tree Lane shopping district from demolition, but things get complicated when she discovers that her new beau is linked to the demolition-hungry developer."

Sunday, October 25 Deliver by Christmas

"Molly worries that she's falling in love with two different men: Josh, a widower who recently moved to town, and one of her clients. But what happens when she discovers that they're actually the same guy?"

Saturday, October 31 Cranberry Christmas

"A separated couple plays pretend, using their 'perfect marriage' to give their town's Christmas festival a boost. Along the way, they question if rekindled love is possible, or something they should leave in the past."

Sunday, November 1 Holly & Ivy

"Melody decides that the best way to help her terminally-ill neighbor is by adopting her children, Holly and Ivy. But first, she must transform her fixer-upper."

Saturday, November 7 The Christmas Ring

"A reporter takes her latest story to heart: While telling the love story behind an antique engagement ring, she turns to the ring owner's grandson to learn more about his family's history."

Sunday, November 8 The Christmas Bow

"After an accident halts her dreams of being a professional violinist, she finds ways to heal her body and heart, leading her to an old friend."

Saturday, November 14 Meet Me at Christmas

"Joan takes over the wedding planning duties for her son after his wedding planner quits. Then the bride's uncle offers to pitch in, which causes the two to grow close."

Sunday, November 15 The Christmas Doctor

"Just a week before Christmas, Dr. Alicia Wright heads to an assignment far from home. There, she meets someone from her past who reveals some life-changing news."

Saturday, November 21 A Little Christmas Charm

"Holly asks an investigative reporter to help her track down the owner of a lost charm bracelet before Christmas Eve."

Sunday, November 22 The Angel Tree

"A writer is determined to solve the town's biggest holiday mystery: Who is the person granting all of the wishes on the angel tree? In the process, she reconnects with someone from her childhood who helps her find the answer."

Saturday, November 28 USS Christmas

"A local reporter sets sail on a Tiger Cruise over the holidays, where she befriends the naval officer and digs deep into the ship's past."

Saturday, December 5 Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas

"Five people are randomly (or possibly, not so randomly) invited to celebrate Christmas at the local inn. Shortly after her arrival, Sarah learns that the guest list may help her — and everyone else, for that matter — learn more about their past."

Sunday, December 6 A Godwink Christmas: First Loves

"After returning home, Sam catches himself stuck in traffic next to his high school sweetheart, Margie."

Saturday, December 12 A Glenbrooke Christmas

"Jessica knows this may be her last normal Christmas, so she escapes to a small town for peace and quiet. Things heat up as soon as she meets the town's fireman."

Sunday, December 13 Christmas Homecoming

"Kate and Kevin go on a wild goose chase to figure out who left the mysterious key and holiday riddle on their doorstep — and what it really means."

Saturday, December 19 Swept Up by Christmas

"An antique seller and cleaner can't agree on how to prepare an over-the-top estate for the holiday season. They start at square one, uncovering the home's hidden treasures ... and secrets."

Sunday, December 20 Project Christmas Wish

"Lucy plays Santa all season long, granting wishes and helping families prepare for the holiday. But one little girl's wish leads her to discover a dream of her own."