Do you hear that?

I'm pretty sure "The Monster Mash" is playing in the distance, and I could swear I smell candy corn, too. I'm also feeling the urge to call everything "spooktacular." Do you know what that means?

It's Halloween season, baby!

I'm a huge fan of any holiday that involves candy, so as you can imagine, Halloween is my jam. In addition to buying a bunch of candy and brainstorming Halloween costumes for myself and my dog, I've also started decorating my home to reflect the season. My favorite decorations are ones that I can make myself. Especially if I don't have to spend a lot of money on them. After all, not to sound like a broken record or anything, but I need to save my money for the candy.

If you're looking for easy Halloween decor that you can do yourself, then you've come to the right place!

It's about to get all kinds of spooky.

Get ready to head to the craft store, because we're going to make some SPOOKTACULAR stuff!

1. Frosted Mason Jars

You know what's spookier than mason jars? Mason jars that are Frosted. (Protip: You can do something similar for the winter holidays! But try not to use the word "boo!")

2. Monster Shrubs

This is the easiest craft project on the list. If you can't handle making some giant eyeballs (or even buying those gigantic googly ones) and sticking them in a shrub, I don't really know what to tell you.

3. Spooky Bat Lamp

Here's another project that's super easy! Just cut out some bat shapes and tape them inside a lampshade. Next time you turn the light on, it'll add some spooky vibes.

4. Bat Bouquet

These vases full of sticks always look cool, but there hasn't really been a way to decorate them for Halloween, until now! Just add some bat cutouts.

5. Trash Bag Streamers

There's something very haunting about shredded garbage bags, don't you think? You could complete this craft in about five minutes (assuming you already have some garbage bags).

6. Ghost Garland

These little yarn ghosts are super adorable. I'm tempted to make them and leave them up year-round. Ghosts can haunt you at any time, right?

7. Paper Lantern Spider

All you need for this craft is a paper lantern and streamers. And eyeballs of some sort, if you want to add those. Personally, I think this would still look cool without them!

8. Gauzy Ghosts

Draw a face on a styrofoam ball, then drape it with cheesecloth. Hang them with string in places that you feel need a little bit of a spectral presence.

9. Ribbon Garland

Here's another garland idea! All you need for this one is pieces of ribbon (or strips of fabric) and a piece of string. Tie the fabric strips in a knot around the string and voila!

10. Embroidery Hoop Spider Web

You can complete this craft in about 10 minutes, and it'll easily cost you less than 10 bucks. What's not to love? I think it would be cool to hang a bunch of these together on the wall!

11. Eyeball Wreath

Gone are the days when wreaths only appear in the winter. You can have a wreath year-round, now! For Halloween, I love this one that's made from ping pong balls and googly eyes!

12. Spooky Soap

Even your hand soap can get in on the holiday decor! Get a container of clear (or clear-ish) soap and add skull beads, spider rings, and plastic pumpkins.

13. Snake Wreath

Here's another wreath idea — this one is a bit more disturbing to create. All you need to do is attach some toy snakes to a wreath base (available at craft stores) and spray paint the whole thing black.

14. Ghost Candles

You can find pillar candles like these at most dollar stores! Add a ghostly face, and you've got yourself the perfect Halloween candle. I think they look especially great in a group like this!

15. Mummy Mason Jars

Wrap a mason jar (or a leftover pasta sauce jar) with crepe paper or gauze, then add some googly eyes. Drop a battery-powered tealight inside and stick them on your mantel or table.

16. Paper Bat Swarm

I love the way these look flying up the stairwell, but you could easily put your own bat colony pretty much anywhere. For something a little more durable, you could use craft foam.

17. Eyeball Flowers

Step one: Get fake flowers. Step two: Glue fake eyeballs in the center. Step three: Freak everyone out.

18. Glowstick Eyes

How cool are these?! And haven't you been waiting for a craft idea that will use up all those extra toilet paper and paper towel tubes you have laying around?

19. Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

This little arrangement looks oh, so cheerful, doesn't it? You can carve your own pumpkin, or use an artificial one from the craft store!

20. Flower BOOquet

This one legit gave me the creeps, but I love it! You could use those tiny glue dots to attach the spiders to either real or artificial flowers.

21. Potted Hands

Do you have a green thumb? If not, you can grow one! Just plant some fake hands in pots of soil like so.

22. Apothecary Jars

Just about anything looks fancy when you put in an apothecary jar with a little bit of straw. Raid your nearest dollar store for ideas.

23. Stacked Pumpkins

You can either use artificial pumpkins (which will keep for next year!) or paint and stack some actual pumpkins for this one. Either way, very festive and impressive!

24. Punny Pumpkins

First of all, who says pumpkins have to be bright orange, white, or black? Embrace the pastels for a unique look! Secondly, I am loving these puns.

25. Pushpin Pumpkin

Here's another pumpkin design that bucks tradition. The pumpkin is decorated with pushpins and brads!

26. Leaf Pumpkin

Tape some leaves to your pumpkin, then either spray paint or carefully dab paint over them. You could also decoupage your entire pumpkin with leaves. You've got plenty of options.

26. Toilet Monster

While you're decorating your house, why not bring the fun to the bathroom, too? This little guy can be made out of construction paper (I might suggest laminating it!) or craft foam.

28. Mummy Pillow

Pop some felt eyeballs on a white throw pillow and wrap it with gauze. In a matter of moments, you'll have your very own mummy!

29. Freestanding Ghost

Drape cheesecloth into a ghostly shape and spray it with liquid starch. Once it dries, it should stand up all on its own. Just like a real ghost! Share this with someone to get them in the Halloween spirit!