Impressive Halloween Display Makes Viral 3 Foot-Tall Skeleton Look Small

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With the spooky season upon us, it’s time to starting getting into the spirit with some Halloween decorations.

This year, one man has made his Halloween display look so elaborate and huge, that it makes even the viral 3-foot skeleton look small…

Now, we all remember how amazed we were by the 3-foot Home Depot skeleton that went viral last year.

Well, we’ve found something even better…

Alan Perkins, from Ohio, has created an incredible display of a huge skeleton breaking free from his home…

It is so big, it makes last year’s viral skeleton look like a doll!

In an interview with Mashable, Perkins explained that he has spent twenty-five days working on his giant skeleton parts.

And only earlier this week, was he finally ready to fit them onto his house.

Speaking with the outlet, Perkins explained that the skeleton parts are made mainly from foam, that he purchased from Craigslist 5-years ago.

It is also supported by PVC armature, which Perkins described to Mashable as “the skeleton’s skeleton.”

Perkins had the idea for this grand display 3 years ago after he saw a tree poking through a roof.

“A few years ago, I saw a tree poking through a roof like they bought a Christmas tree that was too big. I thought it was fun and wanted to make a Halloween twist on it. I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if it looked like a skeleton was breaking out of my home? And that started the wheels turning,” he said.

With his skeleton display starting to take place, Perkins recently decided to post it online and the reaction to it was wild.

“I posted my display to the small Haunt club page, so others could drive by if in the area and it just took off like a wildfire. I stopped trying to follow the notifications. They moved too fast to even click on,” Perkins said and we’re not surprised!

Although Perkins’ display may look incredible already, it is not yet completed as he still has to add the skeleton’s skull breaking through the roof of his house.

We can’t wait to see it when it’s done!