Petition Demands ‘Halloween Kills’ Scene Shown in Trailer Be Removed From Movie

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A petition has been started demanding the removal of a scene from the new Halloween Kills movie which shows firefighters being killed…

Due to hit screens later this week, the Halloween Kills movie will see Michael Myers return to the screen alongside Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, as she tries to bring his murder spree to an end.

Just like the other Halloween movies, this one appears to be violent, gruesome and horrifying, but for some people there is one scene that has taken things too far…

A petition has been started, demanding the removal of a scene which shows firefighters being killed by Myers.

The scene, shown in the trailer that was released earlier this year, sees a group of firefighters rush into a burning building where Michael Myers then kills them.

The petition, titled ‘Remove The Slaughtering of firefighters from Halloween Kills movie,’ has been started by a soon-to-be firefighter who describes the scene as “offensive.”

They explain that they find the scene “wrong” as “firefighters have been lured to [a house] fire and murdered by the person who set the fire.”

“As a soon to be firefighter I find it very offensive and so does my mom and dad who are retired firefighters. So I want that scene taken out of the movie,” the petition, which has more than 200 signatures, reads.

“Michael didn’t have to kill them in a way they saved him so he should have saved the two firefighters in the house and went on his way to kill sister. There is no reason for that horrible disgusting scene. Especially since it has happened in real life. Like I said before firefighters have been lured to house fires and killed by some psycho in real life.”

The petition caused mixed opinions among people, so much so that another page, titled ‘Stop the petition to remove the slaughtering of firefighters in Halloween Kills 2021,’ has since been created to stop the first petition.

The second petition, which has more than 1,200 signatures, argues that “almost every person murdered in every horror movie ever had an occupation.”

“Murder is what these movies are about obviously,” the petition reads. “Literally nobody is being hurt in the making of this movie I assure you. The whole petition is stupid. I’m very certain there is a huge crowd of Halloween fans who will agree.”

Is this what the world has come to? Which petition do you agree with?