Hannah Ingram is living her best life. Literally.

After dropping out of college, the twenty-two-year-old decided to buy a car wash and now makes a whopping 6-figure sum every year. At twenty-two. Hannah also posts TikTok videos talking about her business and giving other young people advice on how they can also live out their dreams. And she's pretty successful at that too, gaining millions of views on each of her videos.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, the entrepreneur from Tennesse told the outlet about how she managed to get so lucky through hard work and understanding.

"I had to get creative, so I applied a seller financing method where basically the seller is your bank," Hannah explained.

For those of you that might not be aware, seller financing "is a type of loan which you provide to the buyer, which will facilitate the process of a sale. It works similarly to a bank loan and the terms of the loans are documented in the legally binding purchase agreement."

"I just pay the seller's payment every month," Hannah explained — meaning she never had to front $140K, but instead pays the same amount that the sellers were paying every month. "They already got a loan from their bank for the $140,000, so I just make their payments to their bank. However, all of the income, expenses, and maintenance are all mine."

She continued: "That's what is so great about seller financing. I didn't have to get my credit pulled from a bank and the bank didn't make me put twenty percent down for a commercial loan. All I did was have a lawyer draw up a contract saying I was responsible for the car wash mortgage that the sellers already had obtained from the bank years ago."

She also added that she pays her lawyer $400 a month for all the paperwork.

"You definitely want to choose a lawyer that communicates well and can help gently guide you through the process if needed."

Initially, Hannah attended community college and then the University of Tennessee at Martin but she dropped out after realizing she wasn't doing it for herself, but to please the others around her.

"I went to school to please my parents and the people around me," she said. "And I just sat there one day stressed out and I was like, I'm gonna get out."

But Hannah isn't just a one-trick pony. As well as owning the car wash, she also is a realtor after using the $2,000 that she had saved up from mowing lawns and selling wasp spray, to get herself a real estate license and start doing that as her main job. It earns her the most money.

"Real estate is kind of my main thing," she said. "I do investment properties, I do wholesaling, but most of my business ventures are in real estate."

And both ventures combined, she's able to live the lavish lifestyle she's always wanted.

It's called being a bad b**** and only Hannah knows about it.