More often than not, emergency services staff don't get the credit they deserve, and that couldn't be more the case amid the current pandemic.

Now, it seems a famous face is joining the frontlines. Keep scrolling to find out why she's swapped out acting for a career in the medical field...

In our hour of need...

We rely on the incredible work of the emergency services and healthcare professionals.

And when it comes to medical pandemics?

It's these people who are on the front line trying to protect us.

And more often than not...

They don't even have sufficient protective gear, or at least, not enough of it to go around - i.e. proper masks.

We can get so wrapped up in ourselves, that we forget how much we rely on these people...

And of course, the fact that they are exposed to sick people day in day out - working hours that many of us couldn't even begin to imagine.

They themselves put their own health at stake.

Not to mention the long hours and mental health repercussions that come along with this.

And of course, this is no different when it comes to the current outbreak.

As the situation gets more serious, we are leaning on the vital work of healthcare professionals more and more.

In fact, things have gotten so bad that retired healthcare professionals are being asked to return.

Yep, really. Over the pond in the U.K. tens of thousands of retired medics are being asked to return to the UK's National Health Service in order to "boost frontline services," as per the BBC.

Healthcare services are strained as it is.

And we have to remember that they are people too.

But of course, there is still so much good in the world.

For example, some kindhearted people have been donating protective masks to healthcare workers.

People have also been coming up with other ways to show their gratitude.

Small gestures like this go a long way.

But this week, in an unlikely move...

A celebrity is joining the frontline.

Wizards of Waverly Place alum Jennifer Stone has announced that she has officially become a registered nurse.

After finishing nursing school in December, the twenty-seven-year-old actress has officially traded in her career in acting for a job in the medical field.

Stone previously played Harper Finkle on Wizards of Waverly Place.

And, after leaving the smash-hit Disney Channel series in 2012, she appeared in several independent and TV movies.

However, just a year on, Stone took a break from acting due to her health.

The decision came after she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

During her acting break, she studied psychology before switching to nursing.

And last year, the star graduated nursing school.

She uploaded a celebratory post to Instagram:

“It’s been a long road of blood (mostly other people’s), sweat, and tears (those were mine) but I can finally call myself a nursing grad!" she wrote.

But of course, that's not the end of the road...

And she still needed to become a registered nurse.

On Tuesday, that day finally came...

"A very good friend of mine (@maiarawalsh ) pointed out to me that today is #worldhealthday . It is also the day I went from a volunteer, then a student nurse, and now an RN resident," she wrote.

She continued:

"I just hope to live up to all of the amazing healthcare providers on the front lines now as I get ready to join them."

What an incredible move.

We wish her the best of luck in her new role! In other celebrity news, Lady Gaga was forced to hang up on Jimmy Fallon live on tv this week. Keep scrolling to find out why... This is very awkward.