Supermodel Stephanie Seymour's Son Harry Brant Dies Aged 24 | 22 Words

The news has reached us that Harry Brant, the son of supermodel, Stephanie Seymour, has tragically passed away.

His cause of death has now been confirmed...

Harry was just twenty-four-years-old.

Since the news of his untimely death broke, messages of condolence have been flooding in.

Growing up with famous parents, Harry had become something of a socialite.

Harry, the child of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire publisher, Peter Brant, had become a prominent figure among the New York fashion scene.

Harry had followed in his mother's footsteps...

Securing a number of modelling opportunities with the likes of Italian Vogue and Balmain.

He had also explored several business ventures...

His most successful being with the makeup brand MAC, in which he and his brother, Peter Brant Jr, launched their own collection of unisex makeup.

He was at the prime of his life...

And became known among his loved ones for enjoying a full and busy social life.

However, this week, tragedy struck.

On January 17th, Harry's family confirmed the devastating news that he had passed away.

In a statement published in the New York Times, his family said that they will be "forever saddened" that his life was cut short.

The statement read:

"He achieved a lot in his twenty-four-years, but we will never get the chance to see how much more Harry could have done."

It continued:

"Harry was not just our son. He was also a wonderful brother, loving grandson, favourite uncle and a caring friend."

The family then revealed that Harry had been struggling with addiction...

And had died as a result of an "accidental overdose" of prescription drugs.

He was due to check into a drug rehabilitation center earlier this year, his family added.

Rest in peace, Harry Brant.

Our thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time.