We all know cigarettes are highly addictive - and quitting can be tricky. But one man has gone to seriously extreme lengths...

​People don't know what to think of this bizarre contraption after seeing the clip. 


We all know smoking is not good for you.

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But we also all know how hard they can be the quit.

But Ibrahim Yücel from Kütahya in Turkey found it harder than most.

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And his method was a little more extreme than the usual vapes, gum, or patches.

Instead, he used 130 feet of copper wire to lock his head in a cage.

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Locking his head away and giving his family the key.

Ibrahim realized he'd been smoking 2 packets of cigarettes every day since age sixteen.

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His dad passed away from lung cancer, and he believed he was heading for a similar fate.

Take a look at his contraption here.

Would you wear it?

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