Headaches Can Now Be ‘Zapped Away’ by Medical Device That Blocks the Pain | 22 Words

This changes everything.

We're all prone to a headache now and again.

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Whether it's dehydration, a migraine, or an illness.

But that doesn't make them any easier to deal with.

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They can be so, so painful!

Headaches can also be so annoying!

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Ruining your day and preventing you from getting any work done!

They can turn you into a monster.

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Unable to focus on anything else.

And sure, you can take painkillers ...

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But sometimes it can feel like you're relying too much on pills.

So what can you do?

Well a recent device has broken the internet - and people are feeling excited.

The gammaCore is designed to treat what's known as cluster headaches.


They are sharp, piercing headaches usually on one side of the head, lasting between 15 minutes and 3 hours and repeating several times a day.

But the new device, approved in the UK and available on the NHS could finally provide people with some relief.


Minister for Innovation Lord Bethell said, "It's hugely encouraging to see innovative technology transform the way we treat illness on the NHS.

"This new gammaCore device will bring relief to many who suffer from cluster headaches and is one of several innovative treatments available to patients on the NHS."


NHS medical director Stephen Powis said: "While they may be small, these devices will make a huge difference to people who suffer from these debilitating headaches - relieving painful symptoms and allowing people to go about their daily lives as normal."