Comedian-Copywriter to Brainstorm Creative, Clickable, Semi-informative, and Occasionally Hilarious Web-content Titles

(Even this job's title is a freaking mouthful. See? We need help...)

22 Words is a viral site that reaches over 100 million people a month across its network. Our goal is to fight boredom and spread happiness. And we want to begin accomplishing this even before people interact with our content…

How will this be possible?

***Brilliant titles.***

Right now our titles are fine. They work. But we want to take them to the next level.

We want to begin fighting boredom and spreading happiness the moment a person sees a link to our content, whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter, in an email, or wherever. And we can only do that with engaging, amusing, innovative, surprising, and maybe even off-the-wall headlines.

Headlines that inspire. Inspire what, you ask? Well that depends on the post… Sometimes amazement. Sometimes laughter. Sometimes just a tip of the head out of curiosity. But always something.

Are you the right person to write those for us?

We need a comedian-turned-copywriter and a brilliant brainstormer who knows that the perfect title is not often too different from a well-crafted one-liner.

Every day, across our sites, we write and then test titles by the hundreds. And then rewrite and test some more. So we need this person to be as creative and hard-working as the day is long…literally.


  • Brainstorm 10-25 titles per post with an emphasis on the titles themselves being entertaining, inspiring, surprising, and — of course — clickable.
  • Test these titles on Facebook to find the best.
  • Track trends to continually improve your headline-writing instincts.
  • Participate with the rest of the editorial team to continually improve our processes and create amazing content.

If this seems like an exciting opportunity, we want to hear from you.

Our application process is simple...

Find 3 posts on our site and email 10 title options for each to Be creative. Innovate. If we’re surprised and impressed by your lists, the work is as good as yours.

This position could be either freelance or full-time with benefits, depending on the applicant.