Powerful footage has emerged this week that shows medical workers peacefully blocking the way of the controversial anti-lockdown protestors in Colorado.

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In our hours of need...

We rely on the incredible work of the emergency services and healthcare professionals.

And when it comes to medical pandemics?

It's these people who are on the front line trying to protect us.

But, more often than not...

They don't even have sufficient protective gear, or at least, not enough of it to go around - i.e. proper masks.

We can get so wrapped up in ourselves, that we forget how much we rely on these people...

And of course, the fact that they are exposed to sick people day in, day out, and working hours that many of us couldn't even begin to imagine doing.

They, themselves, put their own health at stake.

Not to mention the long hours and mental health repercussions that come along with this.

And of course, this is no different when it comes to the current medical pandemic.

As the situation gets more serious, we are leaning on the vital work of healthcare professionals more and more.

Our healthcare services are strained enough as it is...

And we have to remember that they are people too.

Doctors and nurses have been pleading for masks.

Across the globe, staff have being forced to re-use dirty masks or even make their own.

This not okay.

How has this been allowed to happen?

But now, to make matters even worse...

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Some people have been deliberately going out of their way to make the lives of our medical workers even more difficult.

Across the country, thousands of Americans have been breaking the lockdown rules in protest.

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These people believe that the lockdown measures currently in place are an "overreaction", and are actually doing more harm than good.

People are protesting for an array of different reasons.

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While some are protesting against business closures over the fear of economic collapse, others are protesting against the "conspiracy" of the virus in general.

But, regardless of why they're protesting...

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It is undeniable that, by gathering in large groups, they are potentially endangering the lives of thousands, and are thus putting extra strain on our health care services.

Obviously, most people are not impressed with these protests.

And many have called out for those protesting to be punished or, in some extreme cases, be refused medical help if they are to fall ill as a result of their actions.

But, at a Colorado protest, some medical workers decided to take matters into their own hands.

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Dressed from head-to-toe in scrubs, 2 medical workers have been seen standing valiantly and silently, arms folded, as they block a protestor trying to get past.

Cars blare their horns out of frustration, but the nurses refuse to move.

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The video of the incident shows a woman in a t-shirt with an American flag on it, leaning out of her car window to shout to the healthcare workers, "Go to China if you want communism. You can go to work why can't I go to work?"

The woman in the car gets increasingly wound up...

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And, as the nurses refuse to move, she turns her attention on passers-by who are calling her out.

Incredibly, the nurse stands calmly and silently throughout the entire interaction.

A single action can speak a thousand words.

You can watch the full video here.

The original post has now had over 20 million views, and has been shared over 100,000 times, with most of these people praising the bravery of this valiant nurse and slamming the "indignity" of the protestor.

When will this madness end?

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We can only hope that these deluded protestors will soon see the errors of their ways, and give our health care workers the rest that they both need and deserve. These last couple of months have been unbelievably difficult for our medics, and the behavior of the public certainly hasn't been helping. Keep scrolling to read the heartbreaking story of the nurse who was greeted with empty shelves in her local supermarket after a forty-eight-hour shift...