Healthcare Worker Breaks Into Tears as Entire Street Comes out to Applaud Her on Her Way to Work

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Cabin fever is slowly sinking in, and although it might feel like this is never going to end, to all the healthcare workers this is just another day of saving lives.

The UK has come together in the most amazing way, to celebrate the hard work of its healthcare workers.

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They have come together on doorsteps all over the country in a mass round of applause.

And was coordinated by Britons to show their appreciation to healthcare workers risking their own lives to treat those infected.

Citizens on lockdown in France and Italy have been seen all over social media standing on their balconies, applauding staff.

The organizers asked people to clap from their doorsteps or through their windows at 8 pm to thank NHS staff, including doctors, nurses, GPs, pharmacists, and emergency workers.

Even Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Chancellor, Rishi Sunak joined in. They stood outside 10 Downing Street to applaud.

People didn’t just clap.

In East London, as well as many other places around the country, people turned the event into a celebration, setting off fireworks, sounding horns, and blowing trumpets to make their gratitude heard.

As well as members of the civil service including firefighters in Birmingham, with many clanging pots and pans. Cars and boats also tooted their horns.

London Ambulance Service said hearing the clapping was emotional, and the North West Ambulance Service said the event was “heartwarming.”

It’s the first time the daily death toll has surpassed one hundred in the UK, with 115 more people dying from the virus in twenty-four hours.

As had radio stations, celebrities, and charities all across the country.

Nadine Dorries wrote on Twitter: “At no time when I trained as a nurse many years ago, did I ever think I would have to face what our nurses and all frontline staff are dealing with right now. Tonight, at 8 pm I will be joining the nation in a hugely grateful round of applause. You are amazing.”

It was part of the “lightitblue” campaign to say thank you.  A wedding venue in Wales even projected a message on the side of their building reading”Thank you, NHS.”

Due to their hectic schedules, some healthcare workers completely missed out on the event.

But the people on her street were aware that she was going to miss the event, and organized something so heartwarming.

On her way to start her shift on Thursday, March twenty-fifth, the entire street came out to applaud her.

The cheers from her community, as well as her family, obviously touched the emergency care workers, as she walked to her car head in hands.

So her mum Ali mentioned to some locals that as she started work at 4 pm, she would miss the celebrations.

That was until everyone turned up to show their appreciation by clapping her off to work. People even came together to bake her a cake and give Tayla some much-deserved treats.

“Tayla just couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe that people would even notice what she’s doing. She just loves her job. I had no idea the whole street would come out. I just thought it might be our next-door neighbors and the house opposite. What I didn’t realize was that every single house had at least one person come out to clap her.”

“It carried on all the way up our street and you could hear them clapping all the way up the next street too. It was so emotional, I could barely speak. It was just overwhelming pride. We barely know anyone on our street. You see each other daily, but you don’t know each other’s names.”

She continued: “There’s been some nights where Tayla’s come back and we’ve had to sit down and she’s had a bit of a cry from being exhausted. She’s seeing things that are quite scary. But she goes out there and puts a brave face on. We don’t know enough about coronavirus and that’s not the only thing they’re facing out there.”

Tayla’s mum added: “It’s been so overwhelming. It’s amazing how everyone has come together. I feel like our village is closer.” This is just one of many positives to come out of lockdown, keep scrolling to see what others are doing to help during this pandemic…