Heart-Stopping Moment 10ft Hammerhead Shark Stalks Unsuspecting Swimmer

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A man experienced the shock of his life after his drone footage captures the most breathtaking sight involving a 10-foot hammerhead shark.

You just have to see this incredible footage…

The man decided to take a dip in the sea just off the coast of Miami when he suddenly realized he wasn’t alone…

The entire incident was captured on camera – and posted to Instagram.

However, though they may look formidable,  sharks – great whites, in particular – are actually one of the more peaceful creatures in the ocean.

Admittedly, sharks aren’t the cuddliest of creatures. With rows of razor-sharp teeth and empty, black eyes, they can be a bit intimidating, to say the least… Oh, and the fact that they can grow to be the same size as a bus doesn’t help either.

And the 1975 blockbuster, Jaws, only spurred this negative stigma around great white sharks further.

Following the release of the movie, a shark-hunting frenzy began, with people mercilessly killing the unfortunate creatures after watching their dramatized version on the big screen.

It turns out that humans aren’t a shark’s first dish of choice, with them preferring to hunt sea lions, seals, smaller whales, and turtles.
Statistics show that there were only thirty-two confirmed cases of shark attacks in the United States last year and only one fatality.

Considering that sharks evolved millions of years before humans ever walked the Earth (or swam in the oceans…), we are not a part of their typical diet.

People have been known to suffer from major injuries when caught in the crosswinds of certain sharks, mainly Great Whites.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in the open water alone with one of these creatures, would you?

Instagram user, Jason McIntosh, also known as JMac, caught some incredible footage last week involving a drone, an unsuspecting swimmer, and a 10-foot long hammerhead shark.

And have been known to tolerate divers and swimmers with little or no issues in the past.

However, they are still considerably bigger than humans and that’s probably the only thing that makes them look pretty fierce.

In the clip, a swimmer in Miami seems to be having a good time just floating on the surface of the clear water but unbeknown to him, there’s something lurking in the water.

And after editing some music behind the video, he uploaded it onto his Instagram account, drawing in a lot of attention from other social media users.

Isn’t that just amazing? Keep scrolling to see a great white shark soar fifteen-feet in the air…