Heartbreaking Photos Show Puppy in Tuxedo Waiting for Owners Who Never Turn Up

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An unfortunate puppy got dressed up to meet its new owners… only for them to not turn up and leave him all alone.

The photos are heartbreaking…

And it has broken hearts all around the world.

How could anyone do this to a puppy?

And a puppy so desperate for a loving home, too!

But sadly, too many people don’t realize this, and they are quick to give up their pooches once they’ve grown bored and tired of them.

Around 670,000 of these pooches end up being euthanized every year, as a tragic result of never finding a fitting home.

An animal shelter is no home for a dog…

The permanently unsettled, and somewhat chaotic and overcrowded environment of a shelter can cause great stress to our poor pooches.

Puppies are cute, I know… But older dogs need love too!

In the last couple of years, adoption has actually been rising in popularity…

And more and more people are opting for animal shelters over pet stores every year.

Shelters still need all the help they can get in order to rehome all of their 4-legged residents.

Even puppies are struggling to find a forever home.

Vicente the puppy has spent quite some time at the non-profit organization, Fundación Rescátame in La Calera, Colombia, waiting for his forever home.

Fundación Rescátame has helped more than 200 dogs find new homes this year.

And he couldn’t have been more excited to meet his new family!

Vicente’s new family failed to turn up and he had to sadly return to his cage.

Vicente got dressed up in a little tuxedo to impress his new owners. We’re not crying, you are…

They wrote: “Vicente’s alleged adopter never came for him. When he was ready for a home, bathed, he canceled his adoption. Then they ask us why we’re so strict with the process, for this reason! Because we don’t want to have any doubt that our furry ones will be in excellent hands for LIFE. If you want to adopt, keep in mind that it’s a commitment forever, animals are not things you can dispose of when you miss the desire to have a dog.”

And many were expressing their heartbreak over the poor puppy being returned to the shelter.

The owners clearly didn’t want a dog that badly…

Why would they sign up to adopt a puppy when they wouldn’t even bother showing up?

There are lots of unreliable people out there who will abuse the ease of adopting.

Following the Facebook post made by the shelter, lots of interest was shown in the little puppy and he was adopted just a couple of days later by a loving family.

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