Heartbreaking Resurfaced Video Shows George Floyd Calling for an End to Gun Violence | 22 Words

A heartbreaking video has resurfaced on Twitter showing George Floyd, the man who was recently murdered by a police officer, calling for an end to gun violence.

Keep scrolling to see how he wanted to make a difference to our country...

The tragic death of George Floyd earlier this week has sparked global outrage...

And now, heartbreaking footage has emerged of George calling for an end to gun violence.

Police brutality is an ongoing issue.

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About 1 in 1,000 black men and boys in America can expect to die at the hands of police, according to a new analysis of deaths involving law enforcement officers.

This is not okay...

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Yet nothing seems to be getting done about this imminent problem in our country.

The tragic death of Ahmaud Arbery made headlines in the last few weeks.

Arbery was shot dead by police in Brunswick back in February while he was jogging through the Satilla Shores neighborhood.

Cellphone footage showing the moment he was shot has prompted national outrage since it surfaced online...

The twenty-eight-second video shows Arbery jogging around a neighborhood on a sunny afternoon in late February. The footage ends with 2 loud gunshots.

After the video circulated on social media...

A large crowd of protesters marched through the area where Arbery was killed and people have been demanding justice. The pressure has been mounting on the police force to take action against the officers responsible for Arbery's death, and even though the case is currently being investigated, attitudes clearly aren't changing.

Yet another tragic incident occurred in our country this week involving a black man and 2 white police officers.

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It happened in Minneapolis on Monday, and passersby filmed 2 police officers "arresting" George Floyd for an assumed forgery incident.

Police found George matching a suspect's description in his car.

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Even though he didn't resist arrest, one of the officers got him on the ground and pinned him there by pressing their knee into his neck.

This position was clearly very painful for him...

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"Please, please, I can't breathe," George can be heard begging in harrowing footage as the officers remain standing.

George's nose begins to bleed...

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"My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts," he moans as passers-by begin to gather and repeatedly tell the officer to stop leaning on him.

Multiple witnesses are arguing with the officers when he starts to lose consciousness...

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"He's not f****** moving!" one witness shouts as another says, "Get the f*** off him, he isn't moving!" One of the officers responds with, "This is why you don't do drugs, kids."

After around 4 minutes of the officer kneeling on him, George is completely unresponsive.

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An ambulance arrives, the paramedics check his pulse and move his body onto a stretcher - he was later pronounced dead in the hospital.

George was only forty-six-years-old...

And he did not deserve to die.

The police officers involved have shown absolutely no emotion, regret, or urgency...

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And a huge amount of backlash has hit the headlines.

The officers involved have been put on paid administrative leave, per department protocol...

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And in total, 4 police officers have been fired following George's death. But many feel that more should be done.

The haunting footage of George's death began circulating online...

And it has left millions of people both heartbroken and disgusted.

People all around the world have been left furious over George's unjustified death.

But many are feeling completely hopeless due to the fact that this blatant racism is happening more and more in our country.

When will this violence stop?

And when will police officers who have caused his death be properly convicted for their crimes?

So many famous faces and activists have shared their opinions on the tragic murder...

And one of those people is, of course, Martin Luther King's daughter, Bernice.

Bernice touched on George's death...

She wrote this on Twitter: "If you’re unbothered or mildly bothered by the 1st knee, but outraged by the 2nd, then, in my father’s words, you’re 'more devoted to order than to justice.' And more passionate about an anthem that supposedly symbolizes freedom than you are about a Black man’s freedom to live," along with these 2 pictures.

Colin Kaepernick lost his job because he knelt as a protest during the national anthem instead of standing before a game...

This protest was against the racism that is so evident in our country... so if Colin had to lose his job, why shouldn't the police officers who murder so many innocent black people every year?

The reason for the kneeling on the right is the same kneeling on the left...

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It's not just a matter of police simply killing black people - it's the dehumanization and devaluing of black lives in our justice system overall.

Bernice received hundreds of thousands of responses to her tweet...

And everyone is pointing out the same thing - this police officer is a killer with a badge.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey addressed the incident in a press conference on Tuesday morning, referring to events in the video as "wrong at every level."

"Being black in America should not be a death sentence. For 5 minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee to the neck of a black man. For 5 minutes," he said.

"When you hear someone calling for help, you are supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic human sense. What happened on Chicago and 38th, this last night, is simply awful."

Frey held another press conference yesterday...

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And this time, he called for outright arrest of Derek Chauvin - the officer who is responsible for the murder of George Floyd.

The Mayor pointed out that if any normal person had committed this horrific act, they would be in jail right now.

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"Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?" Frey asked during the press conference. "If you had done it or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now, and I cannot come up with a good answer to that question."

Frey described the decision to fire the officers as "the right call," but he urged the Hennepin County attorney to take further action.

"I'm calling on the Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to act on the evidence before him," he said. "I'm calling on him to charge the arresting officer in this case. We cannot turn a blind eye. It is on us as leaders to see this as it is and call it what it is."

Justice needs to be served.

Derek Chauvin needs to face up to his actions regardless of his position in the police force. He committed murder and there's no way that anybody can dodge that fact.

George didn't deserve this untimely and brutal death...

And his family and friends have been left completely broken by this terrible loss.

Tributes to George have been flooding in online...

And even more sadly so, a countless amount of people have spoken about how kind of a person he was.

A video has recently surfaced of George that has drawn tears to many eyes.

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It turns out that George was a peace activist who fought passionately against gun violence in our country.

Undated footage has been circulating on Twitter since Wednesday...

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"It’s clearly the generation after us that’s so lost, man," George was seen saying. "Our young are clearly lost, man, clearly lost, man. I don’t even know what to say anymore. You youngsters just going around busting guns in crowds, kids getting killed."

He expressed his disgust after hearing that an adult had apparently condoned the use of firearms.

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"Man, I knew it was crazy then a ****** my age saying it and condoning this ****, bro," he said. "You know what I’m saying, and half them young ******* shooting guns go home and their knees shaking at night, but they don’t show it to nobody because they aren’t tough then."

People are heartbroken...

And seeing how passionate George was about making a difference to the problems our country holds is devastating.

You can watch the video here...

And you can see first-hand how this man didn't deserve to be murdered.

Rest in Peace, George.

Our deepest condolences go out to his family during this unimaginable time. Make sure to stay posted for further updates.