Heartbreaking Video of Young Girl Calling Herself ‘So Ugly’ Devastates Social Media

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Bullying is a heartbreaking reality in schools all around the world, and the majority of children will find themselves a victim to these cruel people at some point in their lives.

A video has gone viral recently of a 4-year-old girl calling herself ugly after relentless torment from bullies and it has broken the internet’s heart.

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Bullying will always be a problem in schools all around the world.

But cruelty continues to exist in our world, and especially with children, some people will never learn what it means to be kind.

The amount of children here in America who have experienced bullying is staggering.

According to statistics, between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school, with many fewer having been cyberbullied.

It still seems to be a recurring problem in schools all around the world.

The Australian boy, who suffers from dwarfism, went viral this month after his mom posted a heartbreaking video of him crying after a day at school because of the vicious bullies who torment him on a daily basis.

But these kind acts didn’t change a thing… bullying still happens.

But this time, it comes from here in the United States.

And she regularly posts videos on her Instagram account of her styling women’s hair… including young girls.

And she recorded their appointment on Instagram live where Ariyonna is seen sitting on her knee as they chat whilst Shabria styles her hair.

And whilst the hairstylist was chatting to the little girl, Ariyonna said simply and out of the blue, “I’m so ugly.”

“Don’t say that! You are so pretty,” Shabria says as Ariyonna sits looking disheartened.

And this is when the poor little girl begins to cry.

“You’re not ugly! You’re going to make me cry now,” Shabria says as she embraces Ariyonna and comforts her.

She builds her up by telling her all the things she never seems to hear… That she is beautiful, that she has not one but 2 adorable dimples, and that her teeth are pretty and white.

“You’re gonna grow up and you’re gonna be everything that you can be,” she tells the little girl who is clearly struggling from low self-esteem – something a 4-year-old shouldn’t be concerned with.

It went viral on Twitter, with it being viewed over 10 million times. The assumption has been made that Ariyonna’s low self-esteem has come from bullies, as Shabria stressed online that the little girl comes from a loving and supportive home.

And a lot of people have agreed that it is devastating that many black girls grow up being told they are ugly and being surrounded by “pretty” white people.

And the importance of complimenting children on a daily basis and encouraging them has been stressed.

“It broke my heart into pieces because she has the GREATEST energy and the most beautiful smile and heart!” Shabria said.
“She comes from a great home & loving mother. I just think when kids go to school they learn and pick up sooo much different things that they don’t know the definition but they know the feeling! Keep her in your prayers and keep lifting up our future!!!”

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