Heartwarming Picture Captures a Baby Koala Hugging His Mom During Life-Changing Surgery | 22 Words

In this moving story, we see just how caring koalas really are.

If you couldn't think koala bears could get any cuter think again.

This tale is sure to warm your heart...


How can you not like Koala bears?

These guys have got to be the most loving animals I have ever seen.

Koalas know how to chill.

The guys living at Australia Zoo seem to have an ideal life.

Hang in there.

Koalas spend most of their time hanging off branches.

Free hugs?

Koalas have a reputation for being big into hugging.

Koalas are pretty needy.

Some say needy... Some say loving? If there's one thing for sure though... these animals are very trusting.

Steve Irwin loved Koalas.

It was his dream that Australia Zoo would be an immersive space for people to get up close and personal with wildlife. Koalas were a big part of this vision.

The Irwin family is carrying on with Steve's legacy...

The whole family collaborates with Australia Zoo to teach the public more about wildlife and to encourage people to become interested in animals, like koalas.

Bindi Irwin is planning on getting married with the koalas.

The Irwin family makes no secret about how passionate they are about wildlife and conservation. I don't believe anyone will be surprised to hear Bindi wants to be surrounded by koalas when she walks down the aisle next year.

Koalas love a belly rub.

If you want to win a koala over, giving them a gentle belly rub is a sure way to make friends.

Koalas are like real-life teddies.

And it seems koalas are quite keen on teddy bears.

Could this baby koala be any cuter?

I simply don't think it could be possible.

Koalas build strong relationships.

Making friends with a koala is making a friend for life.

Not all animals have such a strong sense of family.

But for koalas, their birth family is very important to them.

Momma and baba.

There is nothing quite as adorable as watching a baby koala interact with its mother.

Baby koalas are something else...

This little guy, Luke, was orphaned when his momma was tragically hit by a train. Australia Zoo took him in and nursed him back to health.

Australia Zoo likes to treat koalas.

On their birthday's the zookeepers make a big deal of koalas, even hiding gifts for them in trees. I wonder what they buy them... perhaps they get a cuddly toy on every birthday?

There's no love like a koala's love.

They mate for life.

If you thought you'd given up on love...

Or if you're ever feeling skeptical that love exists... maybe you ought to take yourself to see some koalas.

Are you ready to hear the cutest Koala story ever?

Believe me, it's quite remarkable how well this story demonstrates the power of a koala's love.

A koala's love for its cub is undeniable.

Koala moms will do anything for their babies. Witnessing the sheer love a baby koala demonstrated for its mom proves this love goes both ways.

Meet Phantom and Lizzy.

via: Facebook/ Australia Zoo

Baby Phantom was so worried about his mom Lizzy as she underwent a life-changing operation at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital that the little joey clung to her momma the whole time. According to Australia Zoo, "These two were brought in after being hit by a car west of Brisbane, and while Phantom sustained no injuries, Lizzy had to be treated for some facial trauma and a collapsed lung." When the photo was taken Lizzy "on antibiotics recovering well under the expert care of the vet team and is still getting some serious TLC from six-month-old Phantom." Seriously cute, right? Continue scrolling to read all about Bindi Irwin's engagement and her plans for the Australia Zoo wedding.