There’s a Heartwarming Story Behind Bernie Sanders’ Inauguration Mittens

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Sen. Bernie Sanders and his mittens have become an internet sensation, and it turns out there’s a heartwarming story behind them…

Now, of course, the inauguration on Wednesday was missing its usual crowds of supporters…

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Nevertheless, many famous faces were invited along to witness and participate in the scared event, including the likes of Lady Gaga and the Obamas.

Former leader of the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders, was also present for the event…

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But he’s become something of a fashion mogul online in the last few hours… and it’s all because of the huge mittens he was wearing!
And there happens to be a heartwarming story behind them. Read on to check it out…

Now, the run-up to Biden’s inauguration was a tense one, to say the least.

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Since his election victory on November 7th, our country has experienced political tensions like never before.
Most people have been arguing that Biden’s win was a fair one and after 4 long days of vote counting – and plenty of recounting – the Democrat was projected as the forty-sixth president of the United States.

And the moment that his supporters had been waiting for finally came.

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Joe Biden is officially the president of the United States and Kamala Harris is now our first-ever female vice president.

It was a historical moment to witness Biden be inaugurated as the forty-sixth president of the United States…

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And thankfully, the entire event ran smoothly without any disruption or feared security breaches.

Alongside our country, the world watched the big event.

With many praising it for being held with dignity, class, and grace.

The ceremony was jam-packed…

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And was filled with star-studded guests such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, the Obamas, and Amanda Gorman.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is the former leader of the Democratic Party, was also in attendance…

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But he’s become the main talking-point on Twitter after people saw the huge mittens he was sporting in the cold weather… and they are well and truly obsessed.

Here are the infamous mittens:

And all we can say is… wow.

These literally look like the coziest mittens to ever exist!

And believe it or not, the mittens were actually made by a teacher from Vermont.

That’s right, it turns out there is a heartwarming story behind his mittens…

And it all starts with the second-grade teacher Jen Ellis.

“There’s some debate about whether mittens are better than gloves, and I’m obviously in the camp that thinks mittens are better,” she said.

“Your fingers need to work together to keep your hands warm, and in mittens, they can be together. In gloves, they can’t.”

Ellis and her partner began making mittens years ago as a side hustle…

But after having kids, it was difficult to keep up.

Ellis has admired Sanders for a long time…

Saying: “As a public school teacher, I can see how what he says about school debt forgiveness and free education and a lot of things he talks about in his policies make sense for people.”

She made a connection through the senator’s daughter-in-law Liza Driscoll, who was the director of the preschool where Ellis’s daughter went.

“When he lost the bid for the Democratic nominations in 2016, I was really heartbroken for him because I felt like he probably wouldn’t run again.
“I thought, ‘I’d like to make him a pair of mittens.’ And I did,” she said. “I totally remember the night I did it. I was thinking to myself, ‘Is this crazy? I don’t even know this guy.’ But I wanted to make them for him, so I did.”

“I’m really honored he wore them today. The fact that he’s still wearing them is delightful and flattering,” Ellis said.

“There were people at the inauguration wearing clothing from world-famous designers. Then there was Bernie, wearing my mittens.
“All my friends and family have the same mittens as Bernie, too, so I think they all feel just a touch of fame — which is fun,” she added.

Mostly, Ellis just feels appreciated…

“When you are a maker of things, when you create things — art or clothes or whatever you make — you never know where they’re going to go. And the fact that these mittens were made with the sewing machine my mother gave me when I was 12 years old and with wool that somebody else had thrown away, and they made it all the way to one of the most historic inaugurations of my lifetime,” she said. “It just delights me.”

Well, it looks like mittens are most certainly back in fashion!

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Don’t stop being you, Bernie!
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