The Most Wholesome Tweets of 2018 to Give You Hope in the New Year

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2018 was a rollercoaster of a year. From high profile breakups to public celebrity meltdowns, equality movements to landmark political statements, a royal wedding, an entire Olympics season– you get it. 2018 was a lot, and it wasn’t always the most uplifting.

The year certainly had its ups and downs, but as we get ready to start fresh in 2019, it’s important to remember all the good that’s happened since last New Year’s Eve. Lucky for us, a lot of pretty heartwarming moments will live on forever, on Twitter.

It’s been a rough year– these wholesome tweets were the bright spots.

What could be sweeter than the lifelong friendship of a very good dog?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a relationship as long and stable as this precious pup and a literal brick. You know what they say, a family can look like anything.

Okay, this Grandpa that’s excited for lunch with his granddaughter might be even cuter.

Remember when you were a kid, and you woke up early on Christmas morning? This grandad is that excited for his lunch date. No way, I’m not crying, someone must be cutting onions somewhere.

What about this adorable mother and son college duo getting into campus shenanigans?

They are so proud of each other. And come on, who makes a better homework buddy than your own mom? The family that studies together, stays together.

There’s nothing better than a mom who can make you happy even when skies are gray.

Sometimes the fact that moms are impervious to embarrassment is our worst nightmare. Other times it makes them our heroes.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick text to really make someone feel special.

This mom figured out how to speak meme to communicate her love to her daughter and honestly? That’s beautiful.

Sowwy not sowwy– this is the cutest apology I’ve ever seen.

Also, whose mom apologizes for shouting? This woman is a saint.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this story makes our hearts grow warmer.

Even when we might feel insignificant or invisible in the world, there’s always someone we mean something to. You never know who’s looking out for you!

Great friends can make pretty much anything better.

These legendary BFFs will live in our hearts forever. I like to think they’re still out there somewhere celebrating.

Where have all the cowboys gone? They’re selling lemonade, apparently.

Manipulative sales tactics have never looked this cute! I hope he can earn enough quarters to ride off into the sunset and leave this lawless life behind.

As if we needed any more proof that glasses make you look smart.

— Morticia Addams (@smrtisa) 1544190916.0

Is it just me, or does this perfect angel of a pup look like it has a British accent and years of incredible wisdom to share?

The force is obviously strong with these two unapologetically nerdy soul mates.

This is arguably the cutest date anyone has ever been on. Also, I have no idea how this could possibly be relevant to any physics lesson, and I do not care.

These adorable parents pretty much single handedly proved the existence of eternal love.

Everyone deserves the kind of partner who will gas you up for absolutely no reason. These two gave us hope that we might someday find our own chopstick hype man.

Even when they’re fully roasting us, parents can be pretty great.

With the power of dad jokes and absolutely no shame, this guy elevated teasing his daughter to a level that rivals performance art. Fathers everywhere, take note.

Overall, dads really brought the wholesome content to Twitter this year.

The original schematics? The handmade craftsmanship? The proud reflection on a job well done? You enjoy that celebratory beer, DIY dad.

Now this is one of those moments that make life worth living.

You know you’re doing something right when a dog chooses you as its bed. The only downside to this is that you can never move again. Waking up a blissfully sleeping pup? That’s unforgivable.

Two words: worth it.

This dog is 100% irresistible, and if you think it wouldn’t make you late for work then you’re lying to yourself. I mean come on. IT’S WAVING.

I don’t know about you, but I believe in Dusty.

Like my mom always said, you’ll never find the pie if you don’t inspect the Magic Pie Bush. Thank you for inspiring us all, Dusty. You’re the hope we needed in 2018.

No surprise, dogs were delivering some pretty pure content this year.

These two obviously have a very special bond founded on love and mutual appreciation and oh my god I’m crying again. Just look at its blissful little smile! 

This has to be the cutest sibling competition in history.

For everyone who dreams of having a family all their own, it doesn’t get much better than this. We want to know the parents’ secrets for raising the most wholesome family of all time.

Speaking of cute siblings, this little sister is the actual poster child.

So where exactly do I find siblings like this? Mine just steal my clothes and eat the food I save for myself in the fridge.

These mother and son selfies are pretty much the only reason I haven’t given up on the Internet.

Find someone who looks at you the way this baby looks at his mom. You can see the love in his eyes.

Yeah, kids were almost as heartwarming as dogs this year.

This little girl picked up the bill and left a better tip than most adults making a living wage. Truly the generous icon this world needs.

Hold on– kids and dogs? This is too much.

Welcome to a live-stream of heaven. It’s a puppy mosh pit. With an angel in the middle. Is this real? Am I the only one seeing this??

In 2018 this Thanksgiving meme became the gift that kept on giving.

A wrong number text-invite to dinner that became a heartwarming holiday tradition. These two forming a friendship reminds us that there’s still good in the world.

This year helped separate the men from the boys.

Generous, innovative, and organized. Isaac, you’ve raised the bar for partners everywhere. This is the BDE we’re taking into 2019.

Okay, the boys were still pretty darn heartwarming too.

Honestly, this kid might be on to something. Should we swap “Thank you” with “I love you” going forward? I want to know if she said it back.

Is there anything more wholesome than seeing your mom happy?

Four months is practically an eternity when it comes to missing your kids. You bet she knew that was her son as soon as she heard his voice.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

A calculator is a great breakup gift because now you can see where things weren’t adding up. Also, candy makes everything better, and that card is genius. Kaija > literally everyone.

Disclaimer: grab some tissues now

MY HEART. The surprise homecoming videos are pure joy, and this was the greatest gift of all.

And last but not least, perhaps the greatest single event ever captured on video.

May we all experience the carefree joy of a French Bulldog playing with a balloon in 2019.