Is This Heated Mouse Pad Cocoon The Perfect Solution To Your Arctic-Tundra Office?

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If you’ve ever been tempted to bring a personal heater to your desk or, better yet, hide in an empty room and curl up in a blanket, we’ve found something that could make your arctic office a bit better. This USB heated mouse pad will keep you warm while you work.

The mouse pad by Black Temptation has a built-in heating pad. You connect it to your computer via USB, and the temperature “will go up to a suitable degree after is it connected,” according to the description.

The heating pad is separate from the mouse pad, so you can choose to use separately. It’s approximately 8.5 by 11 inches and comes in bright pink. Your freezing-cold office has met its match.

Toastie Hands

When it’s cold we all know what suffers the most, the nose and hands. Well now there’s something that combats one of them…the USB-powered heated mouse pad cocoon.

Bee warmer in an instant

There are other versions available, including this Bee mouse pad with a giant grin on it’s face, he certainly looks happy to have an arm shoved up it’s tush

Office Envy

Of course if you get one, everyone will want one. You’ll be the envy of all of your…I would say friends, but, nobody actually likes the people they work with? Do they?

A warm iglu

Against all laws of biology, here we have a warm iglu…it’s a mind-bogling conundrum.


Of course at the rate you’ll be working your hand will be generating it’s own heat you absolute workaholics! So lets hope you don’t massively overheat causing some sort of office fire.


Tired of just shoving your hand up the back of a Bee, well then there’s a variety of animals you can stick your hand down (or up)

Animal Cruelty

Feel free to choke a duck, nothing sinister about that. It’s all in the name of comfort.

Winter isn’t coming

No, Winter isn’t coming, it’s very much here. So we must do the best we can to keep cosy.


The hand warming cocoon is almot as genius as this simple solution to having to pick up a spade every time you put it down…

Tis the season

Just because we’re buying presents for other people doesn’t mean you shouldn’t splash out EXCESSIVELY on yourself, don’t forget to look after number 1.

A change of tune

Bored of your colleagues giving you jealous looks because of your hand warmer? Perhaps make this purchase too, it’ll send the perfect message

Addicted to the clever

It’ll be easy to get swept up into other inventions there are on the web, like this perfectly working automatic ketchup dispenser.

Before you know it….

you’ll be inventing things yourself! Bitten by the bug? You’ll be trying to cut corner by inventing things to do your daily tasks for you

Walking to work?

Why walk to work when you can essentially do the machine version of slipping dangerously on ice to work? I’d pay $400 to risk breaking my neck every time i left the house, wouldn’t you?

Not looking cool enough?

How about this nose implant that allows you to operate your smart phone? It looks great and it’s good excercise for the neck.

Christmas gift?

Or these moustache umbrellas for your boyfriend or husband? You might have to warn them two months in advance to grow the moustache in the first place….but, be subtle, don’t give away the susprise!

Get inspired

We seek inspiration in even the most mundane of things, like this nodding desk chicken, what does it do again?

Invent safely

It’s not always as easy as it seems to invent something new…be careful to make it safe.

Reap the rewards

All that hard work will pay off though, when you’ve come up with something that saves you so much time you won’t feel guilty about those extra 10 episodes on Netflix you choose to watch when you should be tidying.

It can go wrong

One simple mistake might render your $1,000,000 invention worthless. Remember Dyson made 10,000 prototypes before he cracked the code to the bagless hoover.

Keep it simple

Or don’t overcomplicate things and just wear a pair of slippers, or hold a hot water bottle.

Onesies are still cool

A good way to keep comfortable and warm is that onesie, and it doesn’t have to look cool for oyu to act cool in it. Change the perception!

Fire hazard?

Electronics can sometimes malfunction. You don’t want to get your hand stuck in a cage that bursts into flames.

Bored of the mundane?

There’s always a risk of missing it hugely when summer comes around and you no longer need it…mourning at work do not go hand in hand…excuse the pun.


Just hope there’s a hero on hand to help you out if something goes wrong…it’s a good time to be popular in the office if your desk is on fire.

Cat warmer

Or become a crazy cat lady that needs their cat there all the time to get work done, they are the perfect hand warming device with no risk of spontaneously combusting.


Of course another solution to working in a cold office is just to quit entirely, jump into your hot tub and live in there…if you don’t have one, you can always jump into a neighbors, take a selfie and pretend to the whole of Instagram that it is yours…