Helpful Gadgets You’ll Definitely Want to Try From Amazon Canada

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I’ve gone ahead and compiled the very best gadgets you need in your life and all of them can be found on Amazon Canada. Trust me, you pretty much need all of these items in your life. From organizing your pans properly to ensuring all your fingers stay in tact while cooking and even smudging sticks to keep you and your home in high vibrations, you’ll want these items. Go-ahead and add all these gadgets to cart because they truly are the best of the best. Even Amazon reviewers agree. My life has been made easier and brighter by each of these and now I don’t know how I lived without them. You are luck you have me to show you the way. Life will be so much better for you so much sooner. Read on!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Pan Organizer is Life-Changing

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I can personally attest to the life-changing benefits of this pan organizer. It used to drive me crazy trying to sift through all my cookware just to find the skillet I was looking for but not anymore. This pan rack keeps my cabinet organized and makes it simple to find what I’m looking for right away.

These Smudge Sticks Will Keep The Vibes Positive

If you’re anything like me and want to surround yourself with positive energy, these smudge sticks are for you. Use them to smudge before or while meditating, or to cleanse your home, however and whenever you use them, these smudge sticks are sure to take your vibes to a whole new level.

Say Goodbye to Stale Food With These

Not only do these containers look clean and amazing, serving my OCD needs but they also keep everything super fresh. Holding everything anything from pasta to cookies and my go-to trail-mix, I’m just sad I didn’t get my hands on these earlier. Never again do I need to worry about my cereal going stale.

Keep Your Bread Fresh for Longer

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Like every single other person in the entire world, I have attempted many sourdough bread recipes. Too many. Now I just needed something to keep it in because shoving freshly baked bread into the fridge, is just a too heinous an act. This one saves counter space, can store two loaves at a time, and the bamboo lid doubles as a cutting board.

Your Bathroom Called: It Wants These Bestselling Bath Towels

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Want luxurious, fluffy towels without the high price tag? You got it. This set has over 25,000 glowing reviews for quality, softness, and price! It really doesn’t get better than these. They are so luxe, it feels like I’m staying at a fancy hotel each time I use one.

Make the Most Out of Your Drawer Space

I have a fairly small kitchen–which includes small drawers. Last year I spent months figuring out ways to organize my kitchen and maximize the space. One of my fave finds was this cutlery organizer. Its unique design creates more space in your drawer so you can fit way more. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for storage hacks.

Light Up Any Room With This Gemstone Tree

This beautiful and tranquil tree adds a serene touch to any home. It puts out the most positive vibes no matter how your day has been and I’m totally captured by the beautiful aesthetics. And, I constantly find myself daydreaming about ordering the other colour combos.

This Wine Hack Makes Cheap Wine Delicious

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If you love good wine but don’t love the price, this wine aerator pouring spout is your secret weapon. Simply pop this gadget onto the top of your wine bottle, pour through the decanting spout and voila: perfectly oxygenated wine that tastes. The almost 2,000 five star reviews rave about the ease of use and how much it improves inexpensive wine!

This Veggie Chopping Tool Means No More Severed Fingers

If you’re as clumsy as I am in the kitchen, you’re going to want this veggie chopping tool to keep your fingers safe while slicing and dicing. It holds whatever you’re chopping securely in place while you use your knife skills, no band-aids required! At under $3 and with over 1,100 stellar reviews, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

This Window Cleaning Brush is So Effective

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The next best thing other than paying someone to clean your windows is using this window track cleaning brush that gets all the dirt out easily. The tracks are seriously the grossest part of this painful task, but this brush makes it a breeze since it can get into the tiniest of crevices. You can thank me later.

This Toilet Brush Gets to the Hard to Reach Places

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​If I asked you what your least favorite chore is, would it be cleaning the bathroom? I’m going to guess yes. And I’m going to take another guess and say that the toilet is your least favorite part of the bathroom to clean. Getting on your hands and knees to scrub every inch–both inside and out– is my actual nightmare. Make your life ​a lot ​easier with this toilet brush. Its sleek design gets it deeper nooks and crannies with minimal effort, and it takes up very little space when not in use.

These Grilling Baskets Are the Best

We can all agree that everything cooked on a BBQ just tastes better. But certain things can be really tricky to get right. This grill basket is perfect for BBQing veggies or fish. You get the perfect grill marks plus the grates stay clean so you don’t have to spend time scraping.

WOW! This is A Great Shower Head

When I moved into my apartment I found the shower head that came with it horrible. I used it for a week until I finally caved and purchased this one. And let me tell you, it is heaven. Absolutely perfect pressure and the shower head size is also great. You cannot go wrong.

Get Your Hands On These For Your Home

These work so well! I’ve searched forever for something that would clear odour out of my home and I finally found something that is scent-free and works fabulously! These cute little bags are filled with charcoal, which apparently just absorbs and deodorizes all those unwanted smells.

Small Apartment Problems Be Gone With These

If you’re anything like me and always looking for nifty ways to add space to your small apartment, then you need these. Instead of shoving everything into the one closet that is now filled to the brim, buy these instead. Just stick them on the wall and you can hang your spray bottles, your keys, I’ve even hung a broom from here. It is totally necessary.

These Are Amazon’s Choice For Dishcloths and I Agree

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. But once I wet what seemed like pieces of cardboard.. wow! Super absorbent, great for washing dishes, cleaning the counters, easy to wring out and completely odour-free, these are the best dishcloths I’ve ever used.

Now I Can Find All My Water Bottles

Every time I try and grab a water bottle all of them come tumbling out. Find me trying to dodge an attack of water bottles, while also trying to find a matching lid. It’s not fun. My friend recommended this neat organizer and poof, made my water bottle drama disappear.

This Sheet Set is So Luxe

I adore these sheets and feel like I’m getting into the a beautiful bed in a luxurious hotel suite every night. They are so soft and they look way more expensive then they actually are. Trust me, you will love sleeping in these.

The Home Gadget Everyone Should Have

Ok, these are really good. I didn’t realize just how necessary they were until I got one and couldn’t stop using it. You don’t have to worry about matching your paint colour because you load your own paint in and then just whip it out whenever a spot needs a little touch-up. Genius!

If You Love Pizza You Need This

The only thing I want to do once my homemade pizza is ready, is to slice that pie up quickly and get it into my belly. I’ve tried everything from a very sharp knife to scissors and even your traditional pizza cutter but let me tell you, nothing and I mean nothing, cuts a pizza like this.

Lint Be Gone Thanks To This

Sometimes I just like to scour Amazon for cool new finds I never knew I needed. This was one of them. Who knew there was a way to clean your dryer vent so efficiently? Not only for your dryer, you can use this bad boy all over your home, wherever you feel like extra lint has piled up, like your fridge vent.