Here Are 10 Secret Details Only a True Padawan Will Catch in ‘Star Wars: the Last Jedi’

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The newest Star Wars movie came out on Thursday, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already seen the film, but there are some awesome details that you just might have missed on your first viewing (or second, or third…).

Here are some of the coolest details we spotted in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. (This should go without saying, but there will be spoilers!)

Dobbu Scay is the drunk little leprachaun-y lookin’ fella who keeps cramming all those coins into BB-8 on Canto Bight (the casino planet).  

Mark Hamill revealed that he requested to play a CG character in addition to his role as Skywalker. Rian Johnson obviously allowed it, and Dobbu Scay was born. Bonus fun fact: Dobbu Scay is also eerily similar to the name Bob Ducsay, an editor on the film. Coincidence? Probably not.

His is name Slowen Lo. He’s the alien (also on Canto Bight) who busted Rose and Finn for parking their ship on a public beach. As it turns out, he was voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt! And the name Slowen Lo is a direct reference to the Beastie Boys song “Slow and Low.” Rian Johnson is a big Beastie Boys fan — there’s another character named Ello Asty referencing the album Hello Nasty.

That’s Gary Fisher, the late Carrie Fisher’s pet French bulldog. Yet another celeb cameo on Canto Bight.

In addition to lending her own talents (and her dog) to the film, Carrie Fisher made another contribution to the film that is sure to impress you. And it has to do with the costumes…

4. Apparently, Carrie Fisher is largely responsible for there being so much jewelry in The Last Jedi.

You probably noticed Rose and her sister Paige’s matching crescent necklaces. Princess Leia also wore cool spirally earrings and some awesome rings. Then there was the awesome Resistance symbol reveal ring that Rose showed the little kid on Canto Bight.

You might have also noticed a ring on Supreme Leader Snoke’s left hand. According to the Last Jedi: Visual Dictionary, the black stone in the ring was made from obsidian located beneath Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar.

5. The phrase “I have a bad feeling about this” has been spoken aloud in every Star Wars film to date, but you might have missed it in The Last Jedi. That’s because it wasn’t spoken. It was “beeped” by BB-8.

During the opening battle sequence, BB-8 can be heard beeping a message to Poe Dameron. Rian Johnson has confirmed that the beeps translate to the iconic line (hence Poe’s request for “happy beeps, buddy”).

Every time someone or something touches the ground, the white crust cracks or melts to reveal the red salt underneath. However, if you look closely at Luke during his battle with Kylo Ren (or what Kylo Ren thinks is a battle, anyway), he leaves no footprints behind — you know, because he’s not actually there.  

But there’s another huge clue to the fact that Luke isn’t physically on Crait. He’s using his blue lightsaber to fight Kylo even though Kylo and Rey broke that lightsaber in two back in the throne room. (If Kylo Ren had been paying a little more attention, he probably would have caught this one, but he was too busy aiming all those guns at poor Luke.) The next detail is about those golden dice Luke hands to Leia at the end of the film…

(You can see Luke remove the dice from the Millennium Falcon cockpit earlier in the film.) The dice act as a physical reminder of Han Solo — a man both Luke and Leia cared for. They also seem to have an effect on Kylo Ren when he holds them briefly at the end of the film. (That does leave us with one question, though — why was Luke was unable to move some salty ground but still able to put physical — if ephemeral — dice into Leia’s hands and kiss her on the forehead?)

At the end of the film, Finn is rifling through a drawer on the Millennium Falcon when we see a glimpse of the texts. Rey snuck them off the island when she left to meet up with Kylo Ren.

This lends even more credence to Yoda’s comment that Rey has everything she needs to become a Jedi. Not only is she powerful with the Force, but she also has the ancient texts.

9. This next was technically in Rogue One, but it pertains directly to The Last Jedi. Remember when Jyn is looking for the Death Star schematics? Here are some other files she came across in her search:

Hyperspace tracking. As in, the very technology that made it possible for the First Order to track the Rebels through hyperspace. We love a good Easter Egg!

It’s designed to directly resemble Darth Vader’s helmet! We wonder what the next poster will be hiding… How many of these details did you notice? Maybe you caught them all or maybe it’s time for a rewatch!