Here Are 28 Things Your Body Can Tell You About Yourself

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Everybody is so preoccupied with a million and twelve things at once that it can be easy to ignore the one thing we should be listening to most — our bodies.

Of course we notice the big things, but what about the size of your nose? Your sweat? Yeah, there are a lot of things your body is trying to tell you about…if you listen.

After just one minute of drinking, the alcohol gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

Your muscles will be affected, which means your coordination will suffer, which means you will not be a Dancing Queen for long. After thirty minutes, you’ll be completely relaxed.

Then, an hour later, the kidneys send everything to your bladder, so best find yourself a restroom.

This is the main reason for those nasty hangovers the next day, and why they recommend a glass of water in between your glass of whatever else got you that way. Let’s move on to odors…

If it smells like acetone, you might be having blood sugar level problems. If it smells like ammonia, it could mean kidney and liver problems.

If it smells like honey, it could mean a case of cystitis. If it smells like vinegar, if could mean a vitamin B and D deficiency. I don’t think I’ve ever really smelled my own sweat, so that’s a weird new thing to try. Next, we’re exploring your breath, so pop yourself a mint.

In other words, nobody wins.

If it smells like fish, it could mean a venereal disease. If it smells sour, it could mean gastritis. Get thee to a doctor! But first, examine your nose.

If you have it, chances are you don’t like attention, you’re family-oriented and practical.

You like to take risks both personal and professional. You also have very strong principles, morals and politics that you strongly believe in.

You don’t believe in things being too difficult so you’re always up for a challenge. You’re also very sincere.

You believe in following your gut and acting based on how you feel. You act on your feelings first, then you think about your decisions.

You can be searingly honest, unpredictable and hilarious. You always find the solutions to your problems.

People with this type of nose can be considered “flower children.” They’re sensitive, they stand up against injustice and they’re generous towards those who need it.

If you have this nose, you’re very attentive. You’re known for being a good listener, and a good friend overall. You’re also one of the best coolest people in the world, as determined by a writer here with a large bump on her nose.

You’re always the first one to help others when they need it. You’re also very positive and optimistic. Now that we’re done with the nose, let’s move on to the rest of the body.

A good stretch prepares your body for any physical activity ahead of you — or a really comfortable Netflix binge, but let’s go with physical activity.

Scientists are still not sure why humans and animals alike yawn, but the closest theory is that it can help regulate our temperature.

Scientists believe that we evolved to have pruned fingers when they get wet in order to have a better grip on wet things. Hear that, raisin hands?

A study by researched at the University of Pennsylvania also found that sneezes “reset” the environment in our nasal passage. Gesundheit.

The hair on our bodies stands up when we’re cold in order to create an extra layer of warmth.

In psychology, there’s a theory that humans can sometimes get rid of painful or traumatic memories in order to avoid the anxiety and depression that comes with them.

When something irritates your diaphragm, like when you eat too quickly or get nervous, hiccups occur in order to regulate what goes into your stomach.

Research has shown that the reason why we cringe when we hear nails on chalkboard is because of a primal instinct that reminds us of the cries of our primate ancestors.

Dark or red spots on your backside can mean that your hygiene is poor or your underwear is made of irritating fabric. Nothing wrong with cotton, my friends. It breathes.

Most commonly, this could be a sign that there’s something going on with your digestion. Everything okay down there?

Type A means you’re private and change moods quickly. Type B means you’re practical and reliable. Type C means you’re sporty and creative. Type D means you’re sociable and outgoing.