Here Are 50 of the Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2019

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While Halloween is the most magical time of year, it also comes with a certain level of stress. Trying to come up with the costume that’s equal parts ingenious, hilarious, original, and achievable is a real nightmare. But, lucky for you, we’re here to help. Here are fifty of the very best Halloween costume ideas for 2019.

After the success of this year’s Rocketman, Brit pop star, Elton John, has had a massive resurgence. Cop his look by wearing your old baseball kit embellished with a few rhinestones.

Another classic costume that’s been given a new lease of life for 2019. This one is great for couples – especially ones who don’t want to make too much effort. Simply wear matching black suits (weapons optional).

Another Halloween classic gets a 2019 twist thanks to Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the role. This one is face paint heavy, so focus on the makeup, and pair with a burgundy suit.

If you have an old sailor costume lying about, you’re in luck. A few alterations and you’ve got the perfect Stranger Things twist. Quiff-mullet optional.

This Black Mirror superstar is a perfect Halloween costume, as it is both easy and instantly recognizable. All you need is a lilac wig, a white tank top, and plenty of attitude.

All you need for this costume is yellow “ears,” a deerstalker hat, cute pink cheeks, and a magnifying glass.

After Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin, we can finally get our Jasmine costumes out of storage. Pair with a stuffed tiger toy for maximum impact.

Jordan Peele’s Us terrified viewers this summer – and now you, too, can scare your nearest and dearest. Simply pair an orange jumpsuit with an oversized pair of scissors and a menacing expression.

Keanu Reeves has hit the headlines a lot this year – and his John Wick character makes for an easy last-minute costume idea. Suit, (fake) gun, and a few blood spatters and you’re done!

This one may take a little more prep – but can be totally homemade, so is ideal for those on a budget. Pair a papier-mache head with oversized googly eye, a red and white outfit, and a sense of existential despair.

Although her stint on Big Little Lies was controversial, Meryl Streep’s character makes for an excellent Halloween look. Go for little glasses and a blue cardigan – with false teeth optional.

Jules’s makeup is incredibly inspiring, and not just for Haloween! Go really meta and dress as Jules dressed as Claire Danes’s Juliet – just don’t forget the glitter.

38. Janet from The Good Place

The most attractive robot out there can easily be replicated for a Halloween look. A patterned blouse, a sweater vest, and an incredibly neat hairstyle are all you need.

All you really need to emulate the mother of dragons is an icy-blonde wig and a little dragon toy.

To dress as Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s iconic character, go for a black jumpsuit, red lipstick, and a (prop) cigarette. Part of a couple? Get your boyf to play the sexy priest.

Aliens always make for a fun Halloween costume option – but in the year of the Area 51 raid, they take on a whole new meme meaning.

If you have an old Buzz Lightyear costume from the last Toy Story movie release, you’re in luck – 2019 means it’s time to bring it out once again.

An oldie but a goldie – pair a vintage pink dress with a cheap blonde wig and a (faux) nosebleed for one of the easiest Halloween looks imaginable.

Going out in a big group for Halloween? Matching soccer kits make for an easy (and incredibly comfortable) costume.

Another great couple’s costume idea. Ladies, you’ll want something white and ruffle-y, gents, a white tank top and braces. Make sure you do some truly revolting making out so everyone understands the costume.

If you’re partying with your BFF, go for matching blue graduation robes – and don’t forget to intensely compliment one another all night.

29. Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers

All you need is an oversized fur coat and plenty of dollar bills.

The Old Town Road video is the perfect costume inspiration. DIY your own bejeweled black cowboy outfit, and don’t forget to throw up the finger guns.

27. Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

You may be able to construct this costume out of items already in your wardrobe – some aviator sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt, and some distressed jeans is all you need.

For an imaginative DIY costume, create a faux dashboard out of a cardboard box. Pair with a boombox and your best lipsync skills.

She’s dominated headlines this year – but who didn’t get goosebumps during her VMAs appearance? Go for a simple black dress and plenty of silver jewelry with wet-look hair.

The iconic television presenter has had a resurgence this year thanks to Tom Hanks. A gray wig and red cardigan are all you need.

23. Midsommar

White clothing and a flower crown is all you need to rock the most terrifying movie-inspired costume of the year.

Any classic clown costume can be spiced up simply by extending the smile up and over the eyes. It 2 came out this year, after all.

She’s given us no shortage of outfit inspo this year – but her bridal look from the BET Awards is probably the funnest to recreate. Carry a flute for the ultimate effect.

The Avengers franchise had another stellar year, but a Tony Stark costume may be the easiest of all. Three-piece suit, dark glasses, and a withering expression and you’re good to go.

A multicolored wig, an obnoxious set of grills, and you, too, could be the world’s most famous snitch.

Pair a ginger wig with sleeves of terrible (but temporary) tattoos to emulate the most-streamed artist of all time.

The teenage activist has taken the world by storm – and you can show your support on October 31st. A white shirt, a blazer, and a pair of plaits will do the trick.

For a really easy last-minute costume, buy a pack of temporary tattoos and apply liberally to the face. Crimp your hair for the full effect.

15. Erica from Stranger Things

Another great Stranger Things character is Erica. All you need is brightly colored clothing, a badass attitude, and a bike helmet (if you really want to hammer the point home).

Simply don a blond wig and blue shirt, and carry around the infamous “Photograph.”

Ladies, this one’s for you. Pair your most fabulous ball gown with a fake beard for an iconic take on the Queer Eye star.

12. Louise from Bob’s Burgers

A pink bunny-rabbit hat is all you need to replicate the youngest member of the Belcher family.

Got an old dog hoodie lying around? You’re in luck – pull your hair through the earholes and you’ve got a readymade Broad City look.

Simply pair a babygrow and a ginger wig to take on the world’s most famous baby.

The two ended their very public feud this year in adorable costumes. Be the fries to your bestie’s burger.

8. That coffee cup.

Remember the infamous coffee cup spotted looking rather out of place in a Game of Thrones scene? You, too, could have that level of notoriety.

The Queen singer has had a resurgence this year thanks to Rami Malek’s portrayal in Bohemian Rhapsody. He has many looks, but his Live Aid look is the most iconic. Pale blue jeans, a white tank top, an armband, and a fake mustache is all you need.

For another cute couples’ costume, go for the parental figures from Stranger Things. Don your best ’80s attire – and make sure you do a lot of cuddling.

5. OITNB cast

Got a big group of you? Opt for orange prison-wear for a simple but effective Halloween look.

4. Russian Doll

This Natasha Lyonne led Netflix smash is super aesthetically pleasing. Go for an all-black outfit, oversized coat, and curly red wig to emulate the look.

Is there anything scarier than a cold-blooded assassin? This suited look is pretty easy to copy – concealed weapons are optional.

2. A Star Is Born

Another cool couples’ idea is that of Jackson Maine and Ally. Go for bohemian clothing and make sure he carries around an acoustic guitar.

The Netflix reboot of the classic Sabrina series has been a huge hit. Wear a blonde wig, a turtleneck and miniskirt, and a slick of vampy lipstick to complete the look.