Here Are Some of the Most Adorable Polar Bear Photos to Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

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Today, February 27th, marks International Polar Bear Day.

To celebrate these beautiful creatures, we’ve listed the most adorable polar bear photos for all your viewing pleasure.

Just wait until you see number one. Happy scrolling!

That nose though.

We think the snow may have scared this little one.

And yes, they’re still adorable.

Who knows, but they’re so damn cute.

It’s been a tough morning.

This may be one of the sweetest things we’ve laid eyes on.

A polar bear in HD!

Snuggles with mom.

We never realized how cute a polar swimming was until we saw this.

Who’d have thought polar bears loved giving kisses this much.

This mom is very protective of her little one.

The whole clan is out to play.

But it’s very cute nevertheless.

Just look at this adorable pair!

This little cub is smothering his mom with love.

He/she is so fluffy!

They look very pleased with themselves.

There’s so much fluffiness.

Because why not?

Those ears though!

Well, at least one of them has to keep watch… the Arctic can be a scary place.

We simply can’t get enough of this cuteness.

This pic could warm even the coldest of hearts.

This pair look very comfy.

The snow on his/her nose is too much to handle.