Here's a List of Things Literally Everyone Did as a Kid but No One Ever Talks About | 22 Words

Think you were a weird kid? Don't worry - we all were...

On the phone.

Never a more awkward moment ...

Trying to sleep.

The scariest moment!

Mistaken identity.

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The most embarrassing.

Being an engineer.

Or, occasionally, ruining everything ...

The stairs game.

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Anyone else still do this now?

This sad realization.

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Always gave us a scare.

Start 'em young.

A good habit to get into!

Oddly satisfying...

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Again, we still sometimes enjoy this.

Big imaginations.

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Being a kid was good fun.


Definitely a waste of good soda.

Being a villain.

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The best fun ever.


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This looks great to us ...

Being a badass.

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