Here's How You Relieve Any Headache In Only Five Minutes Without Using Pills | 22 Words

Headaches can hit for many different reasons, and though they can often be treated with pain relievers or other medicines, many people look for alternatives.

Because sometimes, aspirin doesn't work or the meds are too hard on the person's body. Fortunately, there are some Eastern-inspired treatments that aren't just all-natural, but 100% safe as well. Check them out below.

YinTang Point

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This spot in the middle of the forehead is a common area for pain.

To treat pain in this area, gently press against it using your middle and index fingers for up to 30 seconds. If that doesn't work, wait five minutes then try again for a minute.

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Zan Zhu Points

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Pain here originates right at the inside of your eyebrows.

Massage the two points using both thumbs to alleviate the pain. It can also be used to treat a runny nose!

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YingXiang Points

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These areas are located near the outside of your lips, halfway up to your nostrils.

Massaging these areas with any fingers reduces stress headaches, opens your sinuses, and relieves tension.

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Tian Zhu Points

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These spots are where your head meets your neck, just by most people's hairline.

Massaging these spots on only alleviates pain in that area, but also helps treat insomnia, stress, and neck pain.

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Shuai Gu Points

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These are located about an inch above the top of your ear.

Massage the skin all around this area to help reduce eye fatigue, reduce cravings, and help with vertigo. Use your index fingers and thumb to apply pressure.

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He Gu Points

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These are actually in the webbing of your skin between your thumb and index finger.

Squeezing gently here reduces neck and back pains, as well as migraines. Ball your fist for 20 seconds before applying pressure to it.

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Sacral Points

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These are a collection of points on your lower back, as shown in the picture.

Lie down on your back for two-three minutes first, then put your pants underneath to reach and press on each of the spots for fifteen seconds each.

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This spot is on your wrist about two inches below the bottom of your palm. Massaging here can help treat nausea and vomiting.

You can apply pressure using your fingers to this spot, or use something called sea bands (pictured here) that were used to prevent sea sickness for boat passengers.

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