There's nothing quite like a good riddle, and this is one that is melting the minds of the Internet as we speak. It seems really simple, but yet 97% of people get it wrong on the first try.

Think you're part of the 3%?

Let's give it a try...

Do you like riddles? (And, no, this isn't the big riddle.)

Chances are, you do, but they're always a lot more fun when you can figure out the answer.

Chances are, if you're a fan of them or not, you've seen them come packaged like this.

They're almost like little poems that rely on wordplay and outside-the-box thinking to get the best and brightest to turn out with their answers.

One more until we find our way to the main event.

These are all pretty familiar, right? They might not be easy to solve, but you probably feel like you've heard things like this before.

They might make your ears perk up.

Or they might lead to reactions like this from the less-fantastic people among us.

If you're really ready to get going, you might want to jump right into the viral riddle that's been tearing the Internet in two.


Without any further ado, put your mind to the test with the ridiculously simple (but not really) question on the next page.

It's just a simple question:

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Do you think that was anticlimactic?


Before you rush to judgment, think about it. What's your answer? We'll even provide some for you, free of charge.

Here are your choices:

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Well, we've got an assortment of female relatives to choose from, correct?

How hard could this really be? If you're still struggling, may I suggest you ask for more assistance?

Look! We even give you a hint!

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You've gotta be getting close now. If not, we've got you covered!

Yet people are still completely baffled...

Wonder no more, because we have the answer...

Last chance to solve it yourself!


It's deceptively tricky, isn't it? The deception lies in the perspective more so than the nature of the relationships. Oh, well. Time's up!

You are Teresa's daughter!

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MIND BLOWN...or at least put at ease if you were going nuts trying to figure it out.

How did you do?