Here's What the Shape of Your Eyes Can Say About Your Personality | 22 Words

After thousands of years, Chinese face-reading experts have found a correlation between the shape of your eyes and various personality traits.

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So if you're wondering what the shape of your eyes says about YOU, then take a look below and find your eye type!

Deep-set eyes mean you're, well, deep. You're observant and survey everything that's around you. You're also insightful.

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Round-eyed people tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They're expressive almost to the point of being dramatic and also impulsive and dramatic.

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Wide-set eyes are indicative of a carefree, adventurous personality that's happy to try new and weird things.

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Almond-shaped eyes have upswept corners, and the people that have them are often passionate, but grounded and calm as well.

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Downward-slanting eyes can be the mark of a pessimist, but those people can also be loyal and lifelong companions.

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Close-set eyes indicate that a person is energetic, stubborn, and hard to size up.

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Upward-slanting-eyed people are driven, focused, and don't tend to take no for an answer.

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People with small eyes tend to notice the details in things and are often very thorough.

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Hooded eyes occur thanks to a flap of skin that runs along the brow that tends to obscure the eyelid. People who have them are often very relaxed and approach things with an open mind.

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Prominent eyes generally belong to people who are warm and sensitive. These people would rather hang out with a small group of people than a big one.

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