Here's Why Internet Mommy Shamers Are Angrily Coming After Jessica Simpson This Week | 22 Words

Jessica Simpson has a natural magnetism that attracts fans, media, and critics alike. The bombshell blonde is no stranger to ridicule and derision, but she doesn't let it stop her. An undeniable powerhouse, she quickly finds herself at the top of any industry she tries.

Despite her reputation as being ditzy, she is clearly a smart, highly talented woman and her success in the music, fashion, cosmetics, and modeling industries are a testament to that.

Simpson seems to have a sense of humor about herself, and the controversy she tends to court.

The 37-year-old mother of two is no wall flower. Her Instagram feed is full of gorgeous high-fashion shots, gorgeous casual family shots, and gorgeous shots of Simpson hamming it up with friends. Simpson's characteristic pout, curvy and fit physique, and long blonde hair give her a classically sexy, pin-up, Marilyn Monroe-esque appeal, and she knows how to work it.

Certainly not camera shy, Simpson's life involves many glamorous make-overs for many glamorous photo shoots.

She travels the world, wears fabulous clothes, and is constantly photographed. If she wears a certain brand of make up or dress, it will sell. Having her own fashion line, she is a walking billboard for her own brand. Make-up, fashion, and posing for the camera are big parts of her job, and they are featured prominently in her Instagram feed.

Her Instagram feed features her family life as well.

Simpson may possess more than her fair share of natural gifts between her beautiful exterior, her singing and song writing skills, and her business and fashion acumen. She is also blessed with a clearly loving partner, and two healthy children she adores. There are a few things we know to be true: 1) A person's Instagram feed is a highly cultivated, narrow sliver of a glimpse into the truth of her life. To think you know the totality of Simpson as a mother from the photos she chooses to share is ridiculously small minded.

More we know to be true: 2) Small children look up to and want to emulate their parents.

Small children only know what they are exposed to, which generally for 5-year-olds means that they know a little bit about their parents' jobs. 5-year-old daughters of policewomen know a little about police work. 5-year-old daughters of doctors know a little about medicine. And 5-year-old daughters of celebrity fashion icons, know about how to strike a pose.

Simpson is taking some heat from a recent photo she shared of herself and her daughter enjoying a girls' day out.

Little girls think their mothers are beautiful and perfect and they want to be just like them. When being beautiful and looking perfect is actually a big part of your mom's career when you're growing up, then that's what you know and copy. Maxwell sees her mom get professionally made up, get her hair done, get her clothes styled, and then she sees her pose for fashion shoots, pose for paparazzi, pose for fans. It's perfectly natural that Maxwell loves make-up and knows how to strike a pose.

This isn't the first time Simpson has faced the "mommy-shamers."

While most of Simpson's fans love and support her, many disapprove of her parenting choices. And they're not afraid to say so. The criticisms run from mild, "Isn't she too young for make-up?" type comments to much harsher judgements.

"That outfit on Jessica is pretty innapropriate [sic]," one commenter can't help but say.

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She goes on to criticize Maxwell's outfit too. "And no I don't agree with her oldest showing her belly at that age and parents wonder why their kids are having sex and getting raped at young ages is because they are trying to sexualize their kids early to make them think they're only cute if they're flaunting it" Wow. This person knows a ton about how Jessica is raising her kids based on this one photo.

Others came to Simpson's, and Maxwell's, defense.

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"People will try to judge and hate on you any and every way possible. But at the end of the day what matters is you feeling good about yourself and what you have going on in your life! She's happy and healthy and so is her family and she'd gonna live it to the fullest no matter what shady people say!"

Simpson seems to let the criticisms roll off her back.

After all, she's used to it and she's the one with the empire and matching bank account. Her image and her brand only grow when people are talking about her. If mommy-shamers want to keep her name in the press, that's probably just fine by her!

In the meantime, her little mini-me is well on her way.

In scrolling through Simpson's feed it's impossible not to see the real and loving connection she and her daughter share. We haven't forgotten that Instagram feeds don't represent a full picture of a family's life, but there is no denying that this little girl admires her mom and might just follow in her footsteps. She'll have big shoes to fill, probably bedazzled platforms with 5-inch heels.