Here’s Why This Man Offered to Donate Custom Caskets for All the Texas Shooting Victims

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Citizens of Sutherland Springs, Texas are reeling after suffering an unthinkable tragedy. A live shooter opened fire during a church service and killed at least 26 innocent people. It was the worst mass shooting in Texas history. In the wake of these horrific events, one man is doing his best to help the families of the victims.

He lives about two hours away from Sutherland Springs, Texas. He traveled to the small town on Tuesday and met with the families of the victims of the devastating tragedy, according to CBS news.

He wrote, “This goes out to all the families that where involved in the Southerland Springs tragedy. Being from a small Texas town I want to offer my services free of charge to these families. God Bless.” He included his phone number, so that anyone who was in need could reach out to him.  

“This is something that I can’t fathom. This is dear to me. If you know anyone who was involved in this incident, just let them know that we’re here for them.” Over 290,000 people viewed his video, and people were thankful for his giving spirit.

She wrote, “My family member who was shot 5 times is recovering beautifully. God is so good. But thank you for helping.” Many other people commented on the post thanking Ganem for his generosity and kind words.

And then, “There’s a special place in heaven for folks like you and I pray that you will be abundantly blessed for your generosity!” Trey Granem’s goal is to create caskets that celebrate the lives of people’s lost loved ones. His businesses motto is, “letting souls shine”. Families can be faced with funeral costs of upwards of $6,000 along with the pain of loss. Hopefully Granem’s kind gesture can alleviate some of the stress unjustly placed on the families of the victims.