Hero Delivery Guy Is Working in Fancy Dress to Make People Smile

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We are currently living in dark and uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

But thankfully, there are wonderful individuals out there who are keeping spirits high during these difficult times.

Keep scrolling to learn about the delivery man who has been working around the clock in fancy dress costumes…

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In a last-ditch effort to slow down the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus, countries and major cities all over the world have gone into full lockdown.

And, currently, there are 724,592 confirmed cases globally. A further 34,017 have tragically died from the virus.

While medical researchers work tirelessly to find a vaccine, regular people have been urged to avoid any form of social interaction and contact as best they can.

Person-to-person contact is thought to be the main method of transmission for the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Through sneezing and coughing, primarily.

And millions are now quarantining themselves at home for months at a time.

And have no option but to sit in their homes and think of ways to stay entertained.

Dogs, we finally feel your pain.

But, while these people are sending themselves around the bend with boredom…

Others are coming together to ride out this pandemic as a community.

And one delivery man has certainly put some smiles on the faces of his customers during this crisis.

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He works as a postman for the Royal Mail delivery service in the North East of England and, in similarity to many, he has continued to work around the clock during the pandemic crisis.

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And thanks to his creativity, his efforts certainly paid off.

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While many jobs would resort to firing someone who rocked up to work in fancy dress, the Royal Mail made an exception for the creative postman and let him do his thing.

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Including a cheerleader…

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Which is a personal favorite of ours!

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Armed with his very own noble steed!

An incredible effort, we must say.

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Speaking to local media, Jon said, “Everyone is uncertain at the moment and you are the only person outside of the family that they see, so why not give them something to smile about?”

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“It’s really nice to see people come out to see me. Seeing everybody helps me keep my spirits up too,” he went on to say.

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“Jon is sending such a positive message to the residents that this virus is not all doom and gloom and even our key workers who are still out there doing their jobs to keep the nation running and saving lives can do it in good spirit and with a sense of pride and humor,” a local woman said.

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And it is truly heartwarming to see people like Jon going out of their way to make a difference to the local community.

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