20-Year-Old Hailed a ‘Hero’ After He Died Saving Great-Great-Grandmother From Knifeman

A great-great-grandmother was stabbed multiple times in London, England, before a twenty-year-old stepped in and unfortunately, died saving her life.

Betty Walsh, an eighty-two-year-old woman who’s lived in London for sixty years, was punched to the floor, and stabbed, while on her way to get a takeaway for her family.

And, although Betty was lucky enough to return back to her loved ones, twenty-year-old Ali Abucar Ali was not that lucky.

But, he was hailed a hero for his actions.

The great-great-gradnmother hadn’t actually realized what had happened when she was on the floor, according to her family.

“She didn’t realize she had been punched and didn’t realize she had been stabbed until someone came out to help her,” her daughter, sixty-year-old Bridget explained.

And, it was at that moment, that a young gentleman put another life before his own.

So, the family have spoken kindly of Ali Abucar Ali, who, they said they knew.

“I knew him and his mother. They are a very good family,” said Bridget, as per the Mirror.

“His mother had rushed to comfort me as soon as she heard about what happened to mom before the police phoned her and told her the devastating news that her son had so sadly been stabbed,” she continued.

It seems as though heroism runs in Ali’s family, and the young man did an incredibly selfless thing that night, ensuring that Betty’s family didn’t lose their “rock” after losing their dad more than thirty years ago.

Betty is hoping to make a full recovery, and has since even asked about the soccer score after making a phonecall to her children.

And, while Ali’s mom hasn’t yet broken her silence, people on Twitter have shared their prayers with the family.

And, to support Ali, and his family, a GoFundMe page has been set up.

Our hearts go out to those who are grieving the loss of Ali Abucar Ali, a true hero, and role model for all. Rest in peace.