'Hero' Returns Bags of Trash to Woman Who Illegally Dumped Them in Neighboring Village | 22 Words

A heroic man has gone viral after he returned bags of trash to a woman who illegally dumped them in his village.

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We are in the midst of a climate change crisis.

The devastating impacts of global warming and our consistent inability to do anything about it is sending our planet down a very bleak path.

From soaring temperatures to rising sea levels, global warming seems to be hitting the headlines more than ever.

In the wake of extreme weather conditions and natural disasters last year, The UN warned that we have just twelve years to limit climate change and prevent global warming from exceeding the maximum of 1.5C.

Despite stark warnings, many people seem to bury their heads in the sand on the issue.

Worryingly, our very own president, Donald Trump, is one of those people, who continually deny that global warming is even a thing in the first place. And, if this is what our political leaders believe, then what chance do we have?

He's not the only one who denies its existence.

Several "climate deniers" believe that the rapidly rising temperatures is simply a result of the earth's "natural cycle," just like the ice age. Although this has since been proven wrong after experts established that the climate change that we are experiencing is on a scale that far exceeds temperature fluctuations during the last 2 millennia.

The issue only seems to be escalating.

If the future of our planet wasn't looking bleak enough, experts have now shattered the "we've got twelve years left" to act theory, claiming that political steps to enable the cuts in carbon need to take place before the end of next year, otherwise we will be in a very dire situation.

There is some hope, though...

Just because many of the world's political leaders are failing to recognize the significance of the climate change crisis, it doesn't mean that other people aren't. In fact, there's a huge number of climate change activists who have been taking the world by storm, aiming to widen the conversation surrounding global warming and offer ways in which we can make a difference for the sake of our planet.

One of those people is seventeen-year-old Greta Thunberg, a pioneering climate change activist.

The teen has drawn in praise from many for raising awareness over the risks posed by climate change while holding politicians to account. Known for her matter-of-fact manner of weighing into the issue, Thunberg has somewhat become the face of the modern climate change movement.

More people may be listening, but things still need to change.

Last summer saw some of the hottest months ever recorded by humans in history across Europe, highlighting the urgency to act.

While much of the fate of the planet lies in the hands of politics, many climate change activists believe that, as individuals, we can still make a change.

There are many reasons attributing to climate change, with fast-fashion and agriculture being the main 2 culprits that are having the biggest effect on the planet.

And perhaps the biggest culprit?

The dumping of trash, of course.

Dumping trash and not recycling properly holds serious precautions to our environment...

And it's undeniable that the excessive amount of rubbish that we produce has a lot to do with global warming.

Of course, there are still many individuals out there who recklessly dump their trash...

And even though it is illegal to do this in many parts of the world, these arrogant individuals go ahead and do their business anyway.

However, one man in the United Kingdom decided enough was enough recently...

And he very publicly shamed a woman who illegally dumped her rubbish in his village.

This is Simon Gordon...

And the thirty-three-year-old saw pictures on Facebook of a woman getting out of her car to leave two bags of rubbish in the shrubbery of a car park in his village near Manchester.

Simon knew that what the woman was doing was illegal...

And of course, it was also very bad for the environment.

After the photos were shared on Facebook, the local community was able to identify her.

Realizing the woman had traveled 2 miles to leave the litter, Simon decided to take the rubbish back and he filmed his work in videos that have gone down a treat on social media.

Simon looked overjoyed in his video...

"She must be missing it so I will go take it back to her," he said in a video. "She left it in Malpas but she lives in No Man's Heath so we are going to send it her back."

Simon managed to track down the culprit's house...

And he placed the rubbish bags she had dumped over the gate of her front yard.

Even though he didn't film her reaction...

We can only imagine the surprise and shame she must have felt when she was reunited with her rubbish.

People on social media have been overjoyed with Simon's bravery...

"You are absolutely brilliant. Wish I could have seen her face when she came out and seen it back," one Facebook user wrote.

And the way in which Simon dealt with the issue was admirable.

He didn't resort to violence or abusive language, he simply placed the rubbish back onto the woman's property without any fuss or commotion.

The woman's neighbors apparently gave Simon a round of applause after he returned the rubbish.

"I just love reuniting people and their belongings back together it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside," he said jokingly.

A job well done, Simon!

We're sure that the woman responsible has well and truly learned her lesson... or so we should hope!