These aren't the heroes we asked for. They aren't even the heroes we really want.

But these people sure are the heroes we need right now.

This cat is a hero.

And so are these 19 geniuses. These people have accomplished things that many of us can only dream of, and that's why they've become legends in my book. Feast your eyes on these geniuses and don't worry, there's still hope that you too will one day become a hero.

This graduating senior

via: Twitter

Krysta's quote was, "Grey's Anatomy, Season 5, Episode 6, 39:40." What happens at that moment? Erica reveals that she is "so, so, so gay." Legendary.

This plane passenger

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This sleeping woman on a plane has clipped a note to her neck pillow that says, "Please, wake me up for snacks and drinks! Thank you!"

This understanding parent

These parents know that their unruly child is the reason their son's preschool teacher drinks, so they aided that habit with the only appropriate gift for a teacher.

This cheater

via: Reddit

You've really got to hand it to her, eh? Eh? The next one is peak fed-up mom.

This wine mom

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Yes, this woman is drinking a glass of white wine in the middle of Marshalls. What? The holidays are coming up, and this is the only way she can get through all her shopping.

These movie-theater sneakers

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These ecstatic girls snuck an entire Costco cheesecake into the movie theater, and now they are my heroes.

This pizza frisbee champ

After nine months of no drinking, this brand new mom successfully frisbee'd a frozen pizza into the oven. What other incredible feats can she accomplish while drunk?!

This Incredible dad

Someone's excited about the new Incredibles movie! And someone else is super embarrassed by his dad.

This luggage legend

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This is how you make sure you can always identify your suitcase at baggage claim! Unless Paula Deen was on her flight, she should have no problem finding her bag. The next one truly brings a ray of sunshine to the dark world.

This grandma who's gettin' it

OK, but why can she dance so well and has anyone hired her to dance in the background of their music video yet because this has to happen?

This patient licker

via: Imgur

This person is truly answering life's tough questions. But also it looks like they bit it so I don't know if we can trust them.

This label maker

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This woman put a label on the back of her shoe that reads, "My dog chewed it." Amazing.

This graduate

I love this woman so much! She started dancing when her name was called, and those college officials were having none of it.

This high scorer

via: Reddit

Speeding is very bad and not at all safe and very bad to do, but this is just impressive. The next one is drunk people at their finest.

This super drunk boyfriend

via: Twitter

If you can't see the picture clearly, this woman posted a picture of her and her boyfriend, who is standing right next to her. She had just received a text from him that said, "Where are you." ...He's right next to her.

This fake Sonic employee

via: Twitter

She got a whole bag of corndogs! A whole bag!

This Starbucks employee

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Remember the whole Laurel/Yanny debacle? Well, this Starbucks employee decided to troll Laurel when she ordered a coffee. And now they're in the Hall of Fame of Starbucks employees forever.

This guy who redefined the calendar

It's true that you will never look at a calendar the same way again. You will also play this on repeat for a while. It's catchy!

This faker

via: Twitter

This is incredible. He really got in there! His "graduation" photo is also his Twitter profile shot. Amazing! Share this with someone who needs a hero right now!