High School Grad Recreates 'First Day of School' Photo With Beloved Family Dog | 22 Words

A high school graduate recreated his "first day of school" photo with his beloved family dog, and it is the most heartwarming thing...

All pet owners can agree...

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Having a furry companion is what makes life complete.

Studies have proven that having a pet significantly lowers stress...

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And it also lowers the risk of suffering from high blood pressure or heart conditions.

They can be the key to happiness...

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And owning an animal like a dog or a cat can help people win their battle against loneliness - especially elderly people.

And for younger people?

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Growing up with a pet cements a life-long bond.

It's true when they say pets are a part of the family...

And especially with dogs, pets are one of the most loyal family members a person can have.

They stand by us through thick and thin...

And a dog never judges... which is probably why they love us so much!

There have been many heartwarming stories of growing up with dogs...

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But the one we're about to tell you is perhaps the best yet.

This is Ruger...

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And over a decade ago, he was adopted by Corie Bliss.

Corie's son, Dylan, was just a little boy when Ruger was adopted as a puppy...

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And as you can imagine, the pair immediately formed an incredible bond.

The Bliss family is all Ruger knows...

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"We try to bring him with us everywhere," Corie told The Dodo. "He's super loyal and loves his family."

Ruger has been through a lot with his family...

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And recently, Corie came across something truly unbelievable.

Talk about a blast from the past...

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"I was looking at old pics, and came across Dylan's "first day of first-grade" pic with Ruger... when Ruger was a puppy," she explained.

Dylan was due to graduate from high school when Corie came across the photo...

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"I wanted to recreate the picture the night of his high school graduation."

And sure enough, it came out perfect.

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Looking at the two photos side by side, and the bond spanning years captured there, Corie couldn't help but tear up.

"Lots of running mascara... So many memories."

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And Dylan agreed with his emotional mom.

Many of us who grew up with pets can relate to this...

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"Having Ruger with me throughout school was great," he said. "No matter what grade I was in, I always have memories of coming home and getting greeted by Ruger at the door."

Corie and Dylan's story very quickly went viral...

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"That is wonderful. Happy for you. Happy that he was around to see you graduate and congratulations on graduating. Your a lucky young man. The best to you in the future," one fellow dog owner wrote on Facebook.

Now that's what we call heartwarming!

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