High School Let Kids Dress up for Their Student ID Pictures and They Nailed It | 22 Words

Do you remember what it was like being a senior? The defining moment of your entire high school experience would be entirely dependant on how your student ID picture turned out. I don't know about you, but my high school was insistent that we kept a "uniform" theme throughout our pictures, so they all turned out pretty lame.

However, since 2013, this high school has given its students permission to come dressed as their favorite TV, movie, or pop culture characters for their pictures! And, let me tell you, the results were amazing. I have compiled a list of my favorite memes, icons, and cult leaders just for you.

Happy scrolling!

1. "Purple Rain."

If we're going to do this, we're going to start it the right way. With Prince, of course. Well played, Kayla, well played.

2. Tribe 54's finest.

Move out of the way, Bear Grylls. If Russell isn't the best wilderness explorer in the world, then I don't know who is.

3. Double trouble.

These are two people I never want to play with.

4. "There's a snake in my boot."

Well, there are plenty of snakes in high school, so it's no wonder.

5. Jim or Dwight?

Inception at its best.

6. Fiona x2.

And, weirdly enough, she's actually called Fiona.

7. The ultimate reaction.

This was literally my face throughout the whole of high school... especially while everyone was high during history class and the teacher didn't even notice. Good times.

8. A group effort.

Now, this is what I like to call true friendship.

9. "I'll wait..."

This Katt Williams rendition has us in stitches.

10. Eugene really nailed Eugene.

All the way down to the phone. That requires some serious dedication.

11. "A Whole New World..."

The high school life must have been a whole new world for Jasmine.

12. The real-life "Bird Box."

Sandra Bullock would be proud.

13. "Beat the devil out of it..."

Andrew's attempts are greatly appreciated by the Twitter community. This could make him a star.

14. The golden glove.

No one could ever out-do Nikolaj, but we appreciate the attempt.

15. Wendy via Wendys.

Extra points for bringing an animated character to life.

16. Apparently, Pedro needs your votes.

It's his facial expression that really kills me on this one. Accurate af!

17. Wizards need to graduate too...

If there's one person that is sure to pass their exams with flying colors, it's Hermione.

18. Beauty in Madness.

I mean, if you stripped the outer part of every high schooler down, you'd probably realize they're all Jokers anyway... In this house, we stan Harley (when she's not being problematic!).

19. Queen B.

If Beyonce didn't make an appearance, at least once, I would have been more than disappointed.

So thank you, Jordyn, for making me a happy girl!

20. Kitty's comeback!

And again, extra points for props!

21. *Super villian voiceover* "Synnddrroommee."

This is bringing my childhood to life.

22. The perfect duo.

We stan Talia and Harry. Couples that meme together, stay together.

23. Among the greatest...

Sorry, but cancel this entire competition because, ding, ding, ding, we have our winner. Rachel is really taking things to a whole other level.

24. The Patels.

Two of the most underrated characters in the whole franchise. We love them.

25. Ferris' day on.

This one is for all the Ferris fans out there.

26. "Get in loser, we're getting our ID's done."

Name someone more iconic than Regina. I'll wait.

27. Geller's time to shine.

Thank God he didn't come as the Holiday Armadillo! Ten points for the stuffed monkey!

28. Blast from the past.

Marty McFly is back from the past/future? God knows!

29. Water Tribe.

"Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they buy matching belts and bags, come up with plans to defeat the fire nation, and once dated the Moon."

30. "You've got a friend in me..."

If you haven't seen anything wholesome today, then here you go! Best friends in real life dressing up as best friends from Toy Story?

A classic!

31. "Yer a wizard, 'arry."

Who knew Hagrid was also a student? You learn something new every day.

32. Tina's tips.

I hope Anika is a tad bit suaver than Tina... Or senior year is going to be terrible!

33. "Did someone say crack?"

Is that a Red Bull can, I see? Ten points, Klarc!

34. A literal "Mr. FBI" guy.

Loving the oversized shades, Luke!

35. "Get rid of dirt, faster!"

Here's one of the teachers attempts at bringing an animated Mr. Clean to life! Creativity at its finest!

36. Daphne made it to high school.

...And we would have passed senior year if it hadn't been for those meddling grades!

(Ten points for stuffed Scoobie!)

37. "Here's Johnny!"

I'm doubling up on points for the innovative idea of bringing broken plans for walls. Wow. Twenty points for you, Kevin!

38. Tangled up in studies.

I agree though, I would rather be trapped in a tower than in school.

39. Tyler's getting creative.

This costume is as accurate as it gets! How did he find that shirt? Because I want one.

40. Is that Toto???

Even if you had some red slippers, they wouldn't be able to get you out of school.

41. Belle's senior year.

The whole high school experience was probably more beastly than anything.

42. I'm ready... to graduate.

I don't think Lord Farquaad would have the patience to deal with high school students...

43. Cindy Lu Who?

Lowkey, though, this is an absolute look. I can see this making a comeback.

I'm slightly disappointed by the blue bow, though... It's supposed to be red!

44. 2019 in a nutshell.

The caption is literally iconic.

45. You've won a trip to... high school.

Veruca Salt wouldn't survive a day in an American high school. Those are just the facts. Oh, is that hand-drawn golden ticket I see? Ten points, Elizabeth!

46. Spill the... pop.

This is probably the best advice you could ever give a high schooler... mind your own damn business!

47. Dwight's very weird cousin.

The Office has seen a fair share of weird-ass characters, but Mose wins first place. Credit where credit is due, especially for the beard.

48. "Do you have a pla'?"

There isn't a plan on earth that could safely get you through high school, I'll tell you that for free. But this costume is genius.

49. He's on fire!

Not literally, but that would have been a very convincing costume if he was. I'm impressed that Charmander even came to mind. Props!

50. A baby senior?

I've never heard that one before. Imagine a baby manages to graduate and you don't? The concept is almost laughable. Not for those that don't actually graduate though... Yikes.

51. Captain America Senior.

It seems as though Captain America's making a comeback. Try masking this one with a cause.

52. Bows and ID pics.

"You even have the hairline to match," someone commented. Yikes. But if JoJo could make a living from dressing like an oversized women-child, then forget about senior year and do the same thing, Molly.

53. All you need is a bit of faith...

...trust and a little fairy dust to get through senior year.

54. "Bro, what you talking 'bout?"

That's a phrase you'll be shouting throughout the whole of high school.

55. The Reaction Queen.

If you think Rihanna is an iconic meme, make way for Jones. She's about to take the crown.

56. Wakanda Forever!

Don't mess with Amya, unless you wanna open a big ol' can of ass-whopping.

57. Lilo's senior year.

I hope Stitch managed to make it to his final year too!

58. Facepaint fail...

I really want to appreciate the effort, I really do. But what is this? Firstly, why? Secondly, why is Pepper Pig sideways? I just can't. I can't.

59. A spitting image.

It doesn't get any more accurate than this Margo Gru renidition.

60. Mr. Crocker is off his rocker.

You can almost hear this picture.

61. "With a toothbrush?!"

Tana Mongeau's been stealing the spotlight with all her controversies, but Jessica's gaining more popularity now.

62. Pie in the face.

If you don't remember the moment that Lily found out that her best friend, Miley, was international pop sensation, Hannah Montanna, you really didn't have a good childhood, did you? Iconic. Extra points for the pie smudges, Sydney.

63. "I love you 3000."

If you haven't said that line in 2019, you've not lived. I highly suggest you go around telling people you "love them 3000." It's quite fulfilling, actually.

64. "Shmack-less."

For those of you that might not be aware, according to the Urban Dictionary, a "shmack" can be a term used to refer to those who are extremely drunk, but enjoyable. Ten points for the wooden cross. This costume would be nothing without it.

65. Jinkies! Velma's back!

Of course, if Daphne was here, we had to have Velma. Keep scrolling to see more of the Scooby-Doo gang!

66. Let's go crazy!

Louise Belcher is in for a wild senior ride!

67. "Hey, it's Fred!"

I'm having flashbacks to my childhood when this annoying voice would be all over our TV screens. And who could ever forget the iCarly episode that Fred starred in?

That's a whole half an hour that I will never get back.

68. We're not sponsored by Allstate.

But if you're looking for a good insurance deal... Allstate is the place to go.

69. *Beep, beep, beep.*

Let's hope the fire alarms don't go off at school.

70. A constant mood.

Even though he's whiny, Drake is so relatable. This is how unbothered I plan to be for the rest of my life.

71. "Just shut the f*ck up, Leslie!"

But Leslie doesn't take well to micro-aggression.

72. Garfield's comeback!

Tom Holland who?

73. This is legend-wait-for-the-last-part-dary... Legendary.

If you don't want to live life like Barney Stinson, then you're doing it all wrong.

74. Trina's one-woman show: Chicago.

Trina was such an underrated character. We never truly appreciated her. A queen. Ten points for the neck brace!

75. "But do he though?"

We're here for this Regina King costume.

76. "Congratulations!"

Posty can't deal with the people that used to tell him he will never graduate. But now that he's made it to senior year, they're lining up to say "congratulations." Snakes everywhere.

77. All aboard!

Bringing animations to life? Ten points! These costumes are really something!

78. Senior year? Bananas!

Mindy Kaling would be very proud.

79. Treasure Planet.

Imagine looking like an actual cartoon? Ben can relate.

80. No one's laughing now.

It seems as if Nicole is taking a break from YouTube in order to focus on her studies. Good choice.

81. Camp Rock: The Final Year.

If you don't know the lyrics to every single Camp Rock song, then you really aren't as clued up as you think. That's a lot of dedication to walk around with flour on your face for a whole day. Props!

82. "Hello, this is Kim."

"Get me out of here."

83. Solange

We stan Miles Warner as Solange.

84. My Big Fat Greek Senior Year.

“Give me ANY word and I'll show you how the root of that word is greek." We have another winner here.

85. Thinking inside the box.

Caram found his inspiration when the opened the door and there sat a package. Simple but effective.

86. "Black women deserve respect!"

Janet Jackson knows what's up. Iconic or what?

87. PRNDL.

The best thing about this is the fact that her last name is also Song. Brenda Song would be very proud. "Yay, you!"

88. "And I oop-"

If you don't know this meme, then I don't know where you've been for the past couple of months. Probably under a rock. Very accurate.

89. Triple layering?

Isn't this how we all used to dress back in 2009 when neon colors made an impact? Definitely a fashion faux pas.

90. "Zoinks, we made it to senior year!"

And here's Shaggy! I can definitely see the resemblance between the two.

91. Dr. Alex Smirnoff.

It seems that even Russian scientists need to graduate!

92. "Schtacy" and her cotton "schwabs."

If you can't hear Stacey's very annoying lisp right now, you clearly did not binge watch every Zoey 101 episodes like we all did.

93. Twelve years later...

"You know how long consecutively is, right?" "One right after the MF other."

94. Stan Marsh,

Let's hope Stan's senior year doesn't go south...

95. Get those Claws out!

You're right, there is more to life than painting hooves... like graduating.

96. Ellen?

Cinnamon buns are always a winner.

97. "WTF am I doing?"

I don't know either, but props for a very accurate costume!

98. Zero to Superhero.

Lavagirl has never looked better.

99. Freak the freak out!

We all remember this iconic song by Tori Vega, right? I remember downloading it onto my iPod, back when those things were cool.

100. Zendaya's tearful ending.

And finally, we have Makenzie, who represents all of us throughout our high school years. Let's hope all of these guys have the most amazing senior year! I'm already excited to see next year's ID cards!