High School Officials May Be Charged in School Shooting, Prosecutor Says

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In the latest news surrounding the School shooting in Michigan, school officials may be facing charges.

And this news comes as prosecutor in the case, Karen McDonald, has been raising a few questions.

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As we know, Ethan Crumbley, opened fire on his fellow classmates Tuesday November 30…

Killing sixteen-year-old, Tate Myre, fourteen-year-old, Hana St. Juliana, seventeen-year-old, Madisyn Baldwin, and seventeen-year-old Justin Shilling who died the following day from his injuries.

Fifteen-year-old Crumbley was taken into custody as soon as police arrived on scene, and later arrested.

Although he didn’t resist arrest, he invoked his right to remain silent. Police later recovered a loaded handgun, reportedly belonging to the boy’s father.

Shortly after the descovery of the weapon, more news about the case surfaced.

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Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard has said that the shooter used a 9 mm Sig Sauer gun, a weapon that was purchased just a week before by Crumbley’s father.

1 thing people on social media were disgusted with, was the alleged shooters access to the weapon.

Many pointed out that Ethan should never have been allowed near the gun, and that the parents should be charged as a result…

As we know, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald charged Crumbley with murder and terrorism.

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But his parents have also been charged.

“Owning a gun means securing it properly and locking it and keeping the ammunition separate,” said McDonald, in a press conference yesterday.

Last week, both Crumbley’s mother and father were charged with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter.

The charges against James and Jennifer Crumbley were filed on Friday, December 3 in 52nd District Court in Rochester Hills.

“What the prosecutor is saying is, let’s look at the parents’ responsibility. This is really a new frontier,” Honig said.

A fugitive task force then began searching for the pair.

Just hours after the charges were announced, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that authorities were searching for Crumbley’s parents and that a “fugitive apprehension team” were looking for them…

After briefly going on the run, a frantic police search began for the pair.

The parents had not appeared as scheduled for their arraignment and went missing merely hours after being charged.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard told CNN:

“If they think they are going to get away, they are not.”

Sheriff Bouchard then confirmed that the parents were missing.

However, after a relatively short but frantic search, the couple were found hiding in the basement of a Detroit building in the early hours of Saturday morning after receiving a tip-off from a member of the public who’d spotted the vehicle parked outside.

Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe told a local newspaper, The Detroit Free Press:

“The owner of the building arrived and saw the car in the back parking lot, knew it didn’t belong there, and went to investigate.”

They were arrested at 1:45am local time.

It was then confirmed that the couple had pleaded not guilty.

Footage of the pair in court showed them laughing and weeping.

According to the Daily Beast, Jennifer cried as she said she understood the charges against her, whereas James smiled, laughed, shook his head. He also raised his eyebrows at various points.

Prosecutor Karen McDonald said:

“These are not people that we can be assured are going to return to court on their own.”

It was at this moment that James laughed.

Their defence lawyer, Sharon Smith, said that Ethan’s parents were not running away.

Smith added that they planned to turn themselves in once their affairs were in order.

New information also came out about Ethan’s parents…

And people were outraged that they were even allowed to buy a gun in the first place…

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Both Jennifer and James Crumbley both a rap sheet, and have had altercations with Florida police before…

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The couple each received a DUI separately back in February 2005 and plead no contest as per filings from Duval County Court show, this resulted in them being fined $652.50 each.

James was also fined a further $200 after he was caught driving without a license.

Not only that, but Jennifer has been caught twice for faking a check, and ordered to pay $240…

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No one would have guessed that these small crimes would lead up to something so severe, but it’s clear they were no role models to Ethan, although that doesn’t take away the gravity of his crimes.

And now, prosecutor Karen McDonald has raised some more questions about the shooting.

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Should High School officials be held somewhat accountable for what happened that day?

McDonald does not understand why the teenager was kept in the school, even after the signs he displayed.

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“We should all be looking at the events that led up to that horrific event,” she said in an interview with ABC’S Good Morning America.

She also said that: “A lot could have been done different.”

Keep on scrolling to see what else she had to say in the interview…

But 1st, let’s see what people have to say themselves regarding the School’s part in the shooting.

And so, what warning signs did the school ignore?

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“That meeting, he was allowed to go back to school. We know that he either had that weapon with him, or someplace where he could have stored it in a school, but he had it in the school, there’s no question,” McDonald said in the interview.

“Leaving the decision to parents about whether he goes home or not…I mean I just want to point out that you can’t even, in an airport, mention anything that even remotely indicates that there might be some violence on a plane, you’ll be immediately extracted,” she continued.

“Yet, we have a kid, who as you reported, is saying some pretty concerning things and he was allowed to go back to school.

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“And neither parent mentioned that he had access to a weapon. It’s not just tragic, it’s not just disappointing. I believe it’s criminal,” she explained.

The parents were called into school to talk about their child’s behaviour, but both parents and school officials let him return back to a classroom, even after some disturbing evidence that indicated he was not fit to return to class.

According to ABC News, 1 sign of the many disturbing signs leading up to the event was a drawing Ethan had made.

The drawing showed bullets, and writing that said: “Blood everywhere.”

And this was the sign that the school brought the fifteen-year-old parents into school for.

Do you think School officials should take some blame?