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Societies across the globe are doing their best to make their homes more inclusive by implementing gender-neutral terms. And now, a new and creative move has seen a high school utilize "pronoun badges" in order to support trans and non-binary students.

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Now, we're living in the era of gender fluidity.

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Long gone are the days where there were simply 2 genders - Now, people can identify with up to one-hundred different genders or no gender at all.

More and more people are identifying as gender-neutral...

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Or "non-binary," in other terms.

Just to break it down for you...

People use the term “non-binary" to describe genders that don’t fall into 1 of the 2 more traditional categories of male or female.

It might be a confusing concept to get your head around... But it's easy to learn.

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While some non-binary individuals identify as either having a gender that is in-between the 2 categories "man" and "woman," others can fluctuate, or have no gender, either permanently or some of the time.

But can things be taken too far by a minority?

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Take gender slamming fictional characters, for example. Yep, some people choose to take offense over the gender assumption of made-up characters.

A few years ago, some called for Father Christmas to become a gender-neutral figure.

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Even though Father Christmas is a fictional character made up for children, many parents called for the festive figure to not be gender-specific... which really wasn't necessary.

And we can't forget about the whole "gingerbread man" debate, can we?

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Some people were calling for the term to be changed to "gingerbread people."

You simply cannot change history, even though a lot of us would like to.

But that doesn't mean we cannot be progressive and respectful moving forward.

More and more people are now making a conscious effort to include gender-neutral pronouns in day-to-day life.

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And it's safe to say that the LGBTQ+ community is now bigger than ever and if they think this will help us to achieve equality, then we should respect that.

So much so, that the United Nations shared this important tweet.

They wrote: "What you say matters. Help create a more equal world by using gender-neutral language if you're unsure about someone's gender or are referring to a group," along with a list of appropriate gender-neutral language to use.

For instance...

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"Chair" instead of "Chairman,|" "Police Officer" instead of "Police Man," and "Spouse" instead of "Husband/Wife."

But people are questioning how necessary these types of changes are...

Even members of the community are condemning these kinds of actions as a means of diverting from the real problem.

But while some moves are considered performative, others aim to help change the lives of others.


A high school in Brisbane, Australia has recently decided to help make their students, especially their trans and non-binary students, feel more comfortable at school with a simple, yet effective method...

...Pronoun Pins.


And while some people are all up for the idea...

Others were not on board with it at all.


The pins are available in 3 versions:


A "she/her" one, a "he/him" one and a "they/them" one, all championed by LGBTQ+ students at the school.

Posting to Facebook, they wrote this:

"Pronoun badges are as simple as they sound: they're badges with different pronouns on. However, their purpose is to display to everyone what those who are wearing them define themselves as. They're also so that people know what to refer to the wearer as."

They also stated that these are just the ones they're "starting out with" so maybe there will be more to come!

You really do love to see it. Remember to always be respectful guys. Always.

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