Hilaria Baldwin Says Alec Baldwin ‘Shushed’ Her During Labor

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Giving birth is a moment you remember for the rest of your life, and it is so special, even if it hurts like hell. But, Hilaria Baldwin, yogi instructor, mom, and wife to Alec Baldwin, has come out about her experience while she gave birth.


And when her hubby Alec Baldwin shushed her while she was pushing a whole human out of her body.

In labor with Rafael Baldwin, age 6, Hilaria, said her husband shushed her…


And it wasn’t in the calming “shhhh you’ve got this,” kind of way, either.

In an Instagram post to her story on Monday, she shared the anecdote that stuck with her during her birth to 6-year-old Rafael, as per People.

“Alec shushed me while I was in labor with Rafa…He was on the phone ‘Shush! Can you keep it down?” she wrote.


“The moment he said it, he realized he sounded like an *ss and he cowered,” she continued.

And then she jokingly told her 944,000 followers that she: “Kept the marriage. Went on to have 522 babies after.”

I mean, you could really imagine the way she looked at her husband at that moment, can’t you? And, by the sounds of it, he regretted it instantly, too.


And, it seems as though, despite any shushing he’s done in the past, while the yoga instructor gave birth to their child, she’ll forever remain by his side, no matter what.

And talking of the tragic Rust shooting Alec was involved in, she reminded her hubby that she’s not going anywhere.

“My Alec, I am here to heal any of your pain that I can. I am not going anywhere. Onward to being Alec and Hilaria, messy, emotions strong, but lots and lots of love—until the very end,” she wrote in her caption.

And a lot of people showed their support, too, saying they didn’t want to lose: “either” of them.


Their dedication to eachother warms many of hearts.

And Hilaria’s story of her birth to Rafael definitely made a few people chuckle, but, some people thought her storytime was a “distraction” from the backlash Alec has been facing after the tragic incident on the Rust set.

What do you think?