We all know someone who can be a bit of a handful when they're drunk. And if you don't know someone like that, well...there's a chance that you are that person.

Whether it's texting a bunch of people that they love them, dancing on tabletops, or just straight-up getting themselves into ridiculous situations, there are some people who can really add a lot of entertainment value to your life — ideally, they are great friends both while stone cold sober and after they have had a few drinks.

If you ever find yourself looking for a new friend to keep you entertained during a night of drinking, we recommend you seek out people like the ones in this list. They certainly seem to know how to have a good time.

Like this boyfriend:

She's literally right next to you. Right. There. I guess it's nice that he's looking for her, though.

These smoke artists:

from gifs
Whoa! Is your mind as blown as mine is right now? SO BLOWN.

This girlfriend:

It's always nice to have a friend who's willing to play a game with you. It's even better when you're pretty much guaranteed a win.


Kelly clearly knows how to have a good time. I have a sneaking suspicion that she may do this while sober, too.

This guy on a broken escalator:

I really admire his patience. How long do you think he stood there?

This genius:

I don't think I could come up with a plan this smart regardless of how much alcohol I had consumed. As a bonus, he also got to eat kebab!

This total winner:

If that's not true love, I don't know what is. Have you ever loved someone more than pizza? Didn't think so.

This roommate:

This would have been a completely flawless idea... If they had remembered to actually eat it.

This photographer:

I suddenly have a craving for a McDonald's hashbrown. And for a fancy camera.

And *this* photographer:

I guess that if you're a photographer, you should always take your camera with you no matter where you go. Even if you're going out for drinks.

These women:

This is the funniest and smartest thing I've heard about all day. Why did I never have this idea when I was young and single?

This generous fellow:

They say that some people reveal their true colors when they're drunk. This guy is obviously an absolute gem.

Winston Churchill:

I mean, there are several reasons I would try to befriend Winston Churchill, but this is definitely in the top three.

These buds:

If that's not the sweetest thing you've ever read, I don't know what to tell you. I hope these two are still best friends to this day.

This would-be Uber customer:

Yeah. Pretty sure you're never getting another Uber again.

This loving son:

There's only one word for this. "Oops."

This (kind of) responsible person:

Hey, good on this person for asking for a ride rather than endangering anyone. And good on them for actually getting the ride...way prior to that.

These supportive friends:

Everyone should have someone who will keep you from doing something really dumb while you're drunk. Like going to Jeff's. Don't go to Jeff's.

This motivated individual:

You know, I was having kind of a tough day until I saw the "run" poster. Now I feel like I can take on the world!

This grandma:

Awesome grandma, or most awesome grandma alive? I'm gonna go with the latter.

This punctual person:

So close. And yet, so very, very far.

This chef:

At least he didn't try to put a bunch of water in there. That would have ended poorly.

This calorie counter:

Well, future you certainly isn't going to thank you, but at least they'll know exactly what to blame past you for.

These friends:

I have never looked half as awesome in a single picture ever taken of me. I need to know these people.

These helpful women:

Sure, he might be stuck there for hours and end up with painful adhesive on his skin. But he's definitely not rocking anymore.

This Photoshop pro:

Honestly, this would probably fool like 92 percent of all moms. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

This responsible friend:

Not only does your friend now have an awesome hairstyle; you can also keep track of them throughout the night! Brilliant.

This husband:

Awww. That's true love, folks.

These friends:

Everyone needs friends who will — without objection — don their fanciest sweater and take part in a photo shoot.

These label making geniuses:

It's true. If you plant a Cheerio, it will turn into a bagel. Trust me. Share this with your BFF!