People Are Sharing Their Hilarious Family Group Chats | 22 Words

Do you have a group text chain with your family? I do, and I find that while some parents are tech-savvy, others lack of text knowledge makes them funny to converse with. These family group text chains are hilarious. Most of the time, it is the parents (or grandparents) who make us laugh, but only some of them are trying to be funny on purpose.

I swear you will want to join these families after reading their group texts. It turns out that every family is hilarious and weird and inappropriate with each other, just like yours is, and that is pretty great! Whether they are sharing pics of the family dog, talking grandma down after she panics from being sent a GIF, or getting into NSFW conversations, these families know how to have a little fun over text. I would like to thank the one brave member of the family who shared these conversations with the world so we could all share in the laughter and the groans.

These group chats might make you miss your own family.

They might be highly inappropriate and sarcastic, but you can also tell that they are full of love!

Motivational morning texts

Well, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. If I got one of these every morning, I would be excited to tackle the day!

Dad sarcasm

There is no type of sarcasm quite as biting and devastating as Dad sarcasm. It really cuts into your core.

Grandma and GIFs

This is incredible. The Grandma went to the Verizon store because she doesn't understand GIFs and she thought they would drain her battery.


Be careful who you bad-mouth in the family chat! Moms know everything.

Dogs' affection

Aw, look at mom and dad fighting over the dogs' affection in the family group chat. Sadly, they don't fight the same way over their human children.

Weekly PDA

I love this so much. It is so funny that the Dad has no idea what #WCW means and hopes it's "nothing profane."

Obi Wan Kenobi

I have seen people posting this picture and claiming it's Jesus, but I thought it was a joke! This is too much.


This is no joke. The DVR is a sacred space and This Is Us is a very important show. Whoever did this is a monster.

Doing the dishes

These memes are too accurate! I bet if I sent these to my mom, though, she'd say, "What is this? I don't get it."

A little horse

You've got to love a good parent pun, especially one that involves that crazy horse head mask. Good job Mom and Dad.

All that junk

When you can get the whole family in on the joke, it is infinitely more hilarious than if a few people don't get it.

Naughty grandma

Oh my goodness, this is great and also terrible. If I had this conversation with my Grandma, I would also share it with the rest of my family so they also had to experience my pain.

Pretty cool

This reminds me of the way my dad texts! I love when they are so amazed by the idea of talking to multiple people at once over text.


I really want to know what context this text was sent in. Was it like, "Hey family, check out this cool new song I heard!"

Dad's girlfriends

I think all parents should go to a farm and then take pictures and send them to their kids. It is A+ content.

"Let the fun begin"

Um, I for one am very glad that these fun-loving parents sent this text. I am unclear, however, on what they are doing in that wooden box.

Dog butt

Yes, this is the kind of content I would like to see in all family chat from now on. Dog butts and dog butts only.

Old man yells at cloud

Of course, for every cute dog butt you receive in a family chat, there's also a text from dad complaining about the weather.

"It's an owl"

Thank you, Dad! Or as I like to call him, Captain Obvious.

Candy Crush additions

Oh boy, Dad's calling out mom in the family group chat! This is quite the drama-starter. But also, how exactly does one spend $400 on Candy Crush?

Oh, no!

Listen, there have to be some ground rules in the family group chat. Basically, you don't send photos like this.

Get this bread

Dad coming in hot with the simple questions. Bread is dough, dad! Money! It's Friday, get those cash monies!

Root canal

This is such a heartwrenching and serious message, and then mom's response is killer. I love it so much.

Public service announcement

Dad is just doing the Lord's work! You have to know when Wedding Crashers is on. That's a funny movie!


I think mom and dad momentarily forgot that they were in a chat with the rest of the family. Oops!

Fine art

Did this person accidentally draw this and send it to their family? Either way, Knack seems to be on board.

Condom wrapper

This isn't a condom wrapper! I did have to Google "coil for mod" to find out it has to do with vape pens, though. I'm that cool.

Empty fridge

This is a little dramatic, don't you think? In the time that he shaded this picture, he could have driven to the store and bought himself food!

Five mistakes

OK, this is hilarious. Share this in your family's group chat!