Today, we're going to learn about a little something called kerning.

When it comes to typography, kerning is the process of adjusting the spaces between letters so that everything is visually appealing and easy to read. When it's done well, you don't notice it. When it isn't done well, you can't help but notice it (and be driven crazy by it as a result).

Se e h ow un ple a sa nt it i s to re ad thiss ent enc e?

That's what bad kerning looks like. As it turns out, the spaces between letters are actually super important. Who would have thought?

Now, I know you're most likely not a graphic designer, but don't worry. You don't have have to be a graphic designer to know that something is really, really wrong with these pictures. Without further ado, let's all cringe together over these horrible kerning fails.

Fig Hater.

from keming

Hey, I'm not a big fan of figs, either, but this seems to be taking things a bit too far.

What did those figs ever do to you?

It's supposed to say "Final."

from keming

I don't know who had the idea of registering anuses, but I am definitely not interested.

I think I'll be avoiding that particular softball league.

Silently Jud Ging U.

from keming

What a coincidence!

I'm also silently judging whoever created this kerning nightmare!

"Bum Foundation."

from keming

This is supposed to read "Burn Foundation."

And yes, the letter spacing is clearly problematic. But can we talk about the logo for a second?

L ife is bea ut if u l.

from keming

Life may be beautiful, but this rug sure ain't.

Kids Hits!

I'm starting to realize why Kidz Bop went with the name "Kidz Bop," now.

He did what?!

What the heck, Don?!

That was my only pair!

Oh, no.

from keming

They had to have drawn this out before actually ordering it as a decal, right?

How did they not notice?

Just a few...what?!

from keming

Ohhhh. It says, "clicks."

That makes much more sense.

"Gmng Thanks."

Who's hosting Thanksgmng this year?

I hope it's Grnmda!

Let It Snow!

from keming

The weather outside may be frightful, but I really don't think this is the right sentiment to be expressing.

"Dipped Strawberry Buzzard."

from keming

I haven't been to Dairy Queen in a while.

Someone should probably check on them.

You had meat hello.

A "meat hello" is when you shake someone's hand and then offer them some salami.

It's fallen out of fashion, but some people really like to be greeted this way.

"Sungl Asses."

from keming

I'm not sure what a sungl ass is, but I feel pretty confident in saying that you should probably avoid them. Even if they do provide 100 percent UV protection.


from keming

OK, yes, let's all laugh at the fact that this Adidas logo is clearly messed up.

But why are these people getting a latte with an Adidas logo on it in the first place?

Nutn but HIV.

from keming

I knew it wasn't supposed to say "HIV," but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was supposed to for a full 30 seconds.

(It's "luv," btw.)

You are?

I'm not sure I'd necessarily go around advertising that you are "anally," (whatever that means), but hey. You do you, I guess.

"When you redead!"

Wait, when can I sleep?

I have to die and then die again? Am I reading that correctly?

Bum Gel.

from facepalm

Is it gel for your bum or gel made out of bums?

I really need to know.

Cow return.

from keming

Has your cow gone missing?

Well, you're in luck, my friend! Simply press this button and get ready for the cow to mosey right on home!

What am I doing with my wrist?

Uhhh. No, thank you.

The Wig & Penis.

from keming

They had to know.

Right? They had to.

There's a lot going on here.

And it's all very bad.

Or verybad, I guess I should say.

Welcome to the T axis.

I remember the X-axis and the Y-axis. I even remember dabbling in the Z axis!

But the T-axis? I have no idea what that's all about.

Let's celebrate!

from keming
What are we celebrating? It doesn't matter! At least there will be cake!


from keming
Maybe they're trying to send some sort of message about consumerism. You know, like you can only "be" successful as long as you "have" something? Never mind. They just messed up the spacing.

One *click* at a time.

Too bad they're spending all this time on photography. If you ask me, they should focus a bit more on typography.

Mak e yourself comfortable.

I'm trying, but every time I look at your keycard, I become uncomfortable all over again.

Artis Anal Cheeses.

Well, I know which appetizer I won't be ordering.

Tenants or ten ants?

from keming
"OK, ants, 10 of you may continue living here, but no additional ants are welcome." –the landlord. Share this with someone who could use a laugh today!