This Is What Life for a ’90s Kid Was Like

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As ‘90s fashion gets more and more popular (oh hello, crop tops and mom jeans!), we can’t help but get nostalgic about our own teenage years.

The late ‘90s were an interesting time, with technology just beginning to creep into more of our everyday lives (we’re looking at you, pagers and AOL Instant Messenger) and bizarre but beloved trends like hair mascara and butterfly clips overtaking the fashion and beauty scene.

When you need a break from the sensory overload that is living in the year 2019, there’s no better way to do it than by taking a trip down memory lane. So come along with us as we reminisce on simpler times, predating social networks, wifi-enabled refrigerators, and robot vacuums. (Don’t get it twisted, though—we won’t be giving up our Roomba anytime soon.) Scroll down to join us on a journey through our favorite parts of the late ‘90s.

The hoops we had to jump through to use the internet.

Hopefully your dad didn’t need to use the phone.

Disposable cameras were our jam.

No need to untag yourself in photos.

We quenched our thirst with the coolest drinks.

And don’t forget the mind-blowing invention of Crystal Pepsi.

We were obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210.

Don’t even get us started on their breakup.

We spent recess playing pogs.

Kids these days are missing out!

We got some serious use out of our pagers.

And we felt so tech-savvy about it!

We were jealous of our one friend who had a brick of a cell phone.

And when we finally got one, we spent hours playing Snake.

We loved watching Daria.

She spoke everything we were feeling.

We had the best collection of CDs.

And of course, we listened to them on our handy Discman.

Clueless was a major source of fashion inspiration.

We wanted everything in Cher’s wardrobe.

We kept our beauty stash in a Caboodle.

If it wasn’t pink, we weren’t interested.

We might have been in love with Hanson.

“MMMBop” is still a great song, for the record.

We watched MTV when they still played music videos.

And it beat Jersey Shore any day.

We had a collection of Troll Dolls.

Yeah, it was kind of a weird time.

The Spice Girls were our favorite band.

Were you Sporty Spice or Baby Spice?

Pop-Tarts were our breakfast of choice.

Because nothing gets you going in the morning better than pure sugar.

We loved reading Goosebumps books.

Creepy in the best way.

We had the coolest hair accessories.

What could be cooler than butterfly clips?!

We may have watched a Disney Channel Original Movie or two.

Brink was such a great movie.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was another favorite.

We wanted to be friends with Melissa Joan Hart in real life.

We all had crushes on Justin Timberlake.

That hair! Those dance moves!

We spent hours playing video games.

Crash Bandicoot, anyone?

We also loved Sonic the Hedgehog.

Countless hours were spent trying to beat the final boss.

And don’t forget the ever-popular Mario Kart.

The Rainbow Road song will be stuck in our heads until the end of time.

We were obsessed with AIM.

We spent too much time finding the perfect angsty lyrics to put in our away message.

We were so excited when the new Delia’s catalog arrived in the mail.

Finally we could stock up on platform sandals and chokers!

Friends was appointment television every week.

And we wanted Rachel’s haircut and her wardrobe.

We loved watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And it still holds up today!

We doused ourselves in body sprays.

From Bath & Body Works, of course.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was always a favorite.

Our crush on Will Smith has never really gone away, either. Be sure to share this article with all your friends from the ‘90s!