These Hilarious Memes Shows Exactly What It's Like to Drive Through Every State | 22 Words

If you live in a city where you don't have to drive a car, congratulations. You figured it out. That's wonderful for you. For the rest of us, we spend a lot of our day in the car. And if you have lived in a few different states or have traveled around the good oldΒ U. S. of A, you are probably aware that there is a lot of variety to each and every state in the union. Maybe you drove through Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico to get to California. Each of those states is very different when it comes to what you see on the road from the driver's seat.

Luckily, there's the "driving in" meme, which illustrates, using lines, emojis, and words, what exactly it is like to drive in almost every state in the country. It is funny, it is weird, and as someone who has driven through a bunch of states, let me tell you that it is quite accurate. Maybe you are from one of the states on this list, or maybe you will have to create your own "driving in" meme!

Pretend you're a cat driving a car.

You're looking out the window as you drive through so many new and interesting places. What do you see?

Los Angeles

It's true. The traffic is insane and so are the billboards about STDs. This pretty much sums it up.


Ah yes. Middle America. Corn, Jesus, and porn. The true holy trinity.


There are...a lot of Walmarts in Arkansas. Is it weird that I'm rooting for the one Sam's Club? Like, they're persevering against all odds.


There truly are Dunkin' Donuts everywhere in Massachusetts. And potholes, apparently.


There really are lots of cacti and scorpions in Arizona. It's full of pointy things. Oh yeah, and jokey billboards about smashing your head.


So much wildlife and so very few towns in Maine. This looks about right. Maybe needs a few more trees.


What is Oregon, the land of the four-way intersections? I had no idea. I'll have to pay attention next time I'm there.

South Carolina

I guess I didn't realize that South Carolina was a pothole-laden Jesus town. Who knew?


Peaches? Yum! Chick-fil-A? Yum, but problematic. Traffic? Boo. Construction? Boo.


Driving in Alabama seems lonely (you're the only car on the road) and scary (you know, with all that devil stuff).


Apparently, while driving in Florida you are constantly bombarded with alligators and strong feelings about abortion.


Really? The whole state of Vermont doesn't have billboards?! I don't know why, but this seems crazy to me.

Lincoln, Nebraska

I am assuming this person means Lincoln, Nebraska, but correct me if I'm wrong. Cows, horses, churches, planes... Sounds about right.


Corn and "JESUS." All caps. Period. That's intense.


Apparently, all over Connecticut, there are billboards that read "Your wife is hot. Better get your A/C fixed." HA. Clever.

New Orleans, Louisiana

I don't remember New Orleans asΒ being full of potholes, but I was there many years ago. I do remember it being full of trapdoors, though, so maybe that's what this means.

New Jersey

Have you ever driven in New Jersey? This is really accurate. New Jersey drivers are the worst. Sincerely, a New York driver


Cows, cowboys, and warnings against using meth. Montana sounds like a hoot!

Las Vegas, Nevada

I love the emojis chosen for the Vegas Strip. It's so accurate! Also, the billboards here are second-to-none.


Why do all these states have corn on one side of the street and straight-up terrifying messages about coming face-to-face with God on the other side?


I assume this is in areas other than New Orleans. I love a good local commercial or billboard reference. Even when I don't get it, I get it, you know?


It's weird to have both of those messages on the same billboard. Someone from Kansas please tell me that these two messages aren't actually on the same billboard.


Some of the biggest adult video stores in the world are off the highway in random parts of the country. #TheMoreYouKnow


Wow, there's a lot going on in Michigan. Are those gusts of wind or moose farts?


Wow, that's a lot of churches. I've seen a lot of churches while driving across the country, but I don't know if I've seen a Mississippi number of churches.


OK, I never want to drive through Oklahoma. I am not equipped to be dodging tornadoes left and right like that.

Orlando, Florida

That's Disney World on the left there, and well, now I want to go to Disney World.


Utah is supposed to be so beautiful! And yeah, also so full of Mormons! What's that sideways car doing there?

Tacoma, Washington

Besides all the traffic, this seems really nice! Share this with someone to make them laugh!